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March 18, 2014

Disinformation: Playing John Kerry (Than & Now)

disinformation_3d_700-1The author alleges the Russians played John Kerry back in the Vietnam era but funneling false info through channels until the twit became the useful idiot he is in front of Congress.


September 23, 2013


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The fundamental transportation has progressed on so many fronts that it is impossible for me to muster the mental focus to follow. I care, but the media is the co-conspirator in this relentless propaganda push. The useful idiots on the Progressive side of the Republican Party show all the more why the current two party system is seemingly hopeless.

It is inevitable that there will be collapses and clashes. Such a shame that the Constitution and Liberty have been supplanted by the Collective over the Individual. 

God Bless America for she surely needs the blessings for what lies ahead. This blogger is done with wasting words and time. Time to take care of the family and myself.