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March 18, 2014

u.s. Drops the Ball Again

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It’s not that we have to lead ourselves into yet another war, but let’s face it, we are perceived as weak and wimpy. To avoid conflicts, strength must be perceived by the adversary. There is no resolve and blatant ignorance now amongst our leadership.

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Any wonder we dropped the ball?


July 19, 2012

Defy & Down With: C.A.I.R & the Muslim Brotherhood

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You expect more? Do you need more? Is your MSM keeping you abreast of their thuggish tactics here, let alone in Egypt? Nope. Enough! The Commies invaded our government to our detriment to this day. Don’t let these thugs invade our government, ethics or communities…Down With C.A.I.R!!!

Come on speak up! You all freak out over the religious right. This thugs ought to make you pucker right up. Speak out against them and all they stand for. Resist this wave in your community.

November 29, 2008

US Security (Do…’not let people from the world’s aggrieved and militant populations within our borders’)

Coupled with the attackers’ unappeasable demands and the high cost of stringent security measures, they appear inevitable and likely to be repeated barring what has for some years become unspeakable.  The most cost effective and least draconian solution for societies like ours still appears to be (a) not let people from the world’s aggrieved and militant populations within our borders and (2) make life difficult and laden with suspicion with an ultimate goal of self-deportation or assimilation for those whom we improvidently have allowed in.  Yet this approach is treated as unspeakable, while strip searching 80 year old grandmothers at airports is A-OK. The values of equality and diversity trump all others, including genuine security and our historic liberties.

October 1, 2008

NO! to Islamification in U.S. (No Coexist BS with Jihadist or CAIR) Resist! Grow A Set!

Listen To Those That Have Seen The Results of PC and The Insidious Creep of Intimidation and Timidity. It is not far flung yet. The framework via CAIR is being established. The sense of mainstream is being established. The trite Coexist mantra will be extended to Islam but not to Christians. Accomodations will be made for Islam, but no one else. When the time comes to call BS on this assault of values, then stand strong. Resist the Name calling and Group Think Bashing toward you. Resist! They are using our system, out rights against us.

“A big part of the reason for this dismaying American response to the cartoon affair is, of course, that Islamization hasn’t progressed as far in America as in Europe, and there’s consequently an incredible level of ignorance in America both about what’s really going on in Europe and about the very nature of Islam. In the current presidential campaign, only a small portion of the electorate seems to think that the war with jihadist Islam is a major issue. The one candidate who understood best what we’re up against, and who took it most seriously, Rudy Giuliani, was ridiculed across the political spectrum for being obsessed with 9/11 — as if the events of that day had been some kind of fluke or accident that has virtually no meaning for us today.

In depressing numbers, in short, Americans seem not to grasp the lessons of 9/11 — which should hardly be a surprise, considering how many journalists and politicians keep repeating that the terrorists are betraying a great and peaceful religion, that jihad means doing good works, and so on. A while back, in response to rumors that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof argued that it would be a matter of utter indifference if the president of the United States were a Muslim. Of the hundreds of people who commented on this article on the Times website, the overwhelming majority applauded Kristof for his extraordinary courage in standing up to Islamophobia. Only a tiny handful of readers noted that there are, in fact, good reasons for free people to be concerned about the possibility of a U.S. president with a devout commitment to Islamic theology and law. The American media that do report honestly on the less attractive truths about Islam, moreover, tend to be media that people are encouraged to look down upon.”