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September 15, 2011

Obama’s Decline ‘Rock Bottom’

Life for most of us distracts, hopefully so, from the daily onslaught of bad news. Also, the beginning of the 2012 race gives me early indications of a headache. Somehow through the demoralizing news Obama holds onto 40% of the populace that thinks he is doing just fine.

A loyal 40% given his philosophies, positions? 40% of loyal adherents to what? The purposeful overload of our system? This is frightening to consider. Solyndra is out there and let’s see if the 40% care like they would if it were Bush.

Whether we are in a second recession or close to the tipping point, this President and his brethren in Congress are either the biggest bunch of corrupt cronies or the most incompetent. I believe it is a combination of forces: crooks so busy with graft from green BS spoils that they are not in tune with the realities beyond polls and the next election.

Meantime, the forces that want this system to collapse are in play also.

So, with that in play I retreat to my world: Hoarding Woes & You
and SwittersB & Fly Fishing . I also work full time as a Operations Manager. I have mentally turned my back on so much that is going on right now for personal reasons and a lack of trust anymore in the system.


March 18, 2009

Any Fly Fishers Visit Here? Visit SwittersB & Fly Fishing

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Come One, Come All, Escape the Oppressive, Mind Numbing, Anger Provocations….at least for awhile….

Check Out or SwittersB and Fly Fishing….pass it on….give your brain a rest….seriously…Spring is before you and unless you are an avid steelheader, who has been out there all Winter…a new beginning of your own choosing is before you….SwittersB is a blog site for beginners and even the more advanced…pretty much politics free (ok, a little bit on enviro or PETA nonsense) and geared to fly fishing and fly tying. NW Origins, but touches on sites and info from around the world, if it improves your skills and knowledge.

All angst and no play makes for burnout…