Zipline Conservative

July 29, 2011

Disgusting Display of Representative Govt.

So, it goes in this obscene display of parliamentary debacle. The system at work? Better than rioting in the streets they say. I spose it is. No one has died in Congress today. Fed up with it all. Republicans will eventually compromise to some version of the Reid Bill…to what will be a sordid mess. In the end, the Rhinos will be tied to the economic destruction of this country. Hard to criticize what you compromised to in the end; have compromised to for decades.

The Tea Party over estimated their mandate, it is said. What is real and what is propaganda to steer us?  Brinksmanship. Sick of it all like competing forces that both ignore reality…competing shrinks arguing over the meds to give us and not competent to cure  our mental illness. Woe is me. Damn pissed off.