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August 17, 2012

Romney vs. Obama (Apples to Oranges?)


Are Such Comparisons Helpful? Hell Yes!!!

Heck, I probably am not that taken by Romney really. Not much I can relate to. Seems like the same old Republican themes. Stale. But, compared to that Marxist Wanna-Be sitting in the house now….well, I will gladly vote for the lesser of Big Gov thinkers. Just keep us out of anymore conflicts and bring our troops home!



May 7, 2012

Elena Kagan, The Mole, In Sheeps Clothing, Hiding in a Trojan Horse

What would you say if you learned that a member of the highest court in the land has spent the last 30 years openly advocating for the destruction of the US Constitution and even went so far as to accept $20 million from Shariah Law proponents to accomplish her goal? 

That Supreme Court Justice is Elena Kagan.

The year after Ronald Reagan entered the Oval Office with the goal of restoring America to greatness; Elena Kagan penned a telling and disturbing senior thesis titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933.” In that body of work, Kagan lamented that “a coherent socialist movement is nowhere to be found in the United States”; and that,” no “radical party” had yet “attained the status of a major political force.” Kagan went on to sound a rally cry for “those who, more than half a century after socialism’s decline, still wish to change America.”

Apparently, this was no mere college dalliance, as the Elena Kagan has spent the rest of her career working to remove the underpinnings of freedom and destroy the American Constitution from within. And Kagan’s grand plan has worked very well indeed. 

After graduate school Kagan went on to become Dean of Harvard Law, where she removed Constitutional Law classes from the curriculum, and replaced those necessary and time honored classes with required studies of international law. And in what appears to be a game of using a mutual enemy’s resources to accomplish ones’ true objective, Kagan also accepted a $20 million grant from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal – a noted Shariah Law proponent – to implement an “Islamic Studies” program.

Lest we think Kagan’s intentions are ancient history, take a look at her line of questioning when hearing the ObamaCare case last month. Rather than question the thinly veiled socialist Trojan horse as an affront to our Constitution, Kagan seemed almost willing to defend ObamaCare and salvage the master plan to fundamentally change America into a new Euro-socialist model.

By definition, our Supreme Court is charged with upholding, defending and preserving the United States Constitution. The Judges on the Supreme Court are meant to protect our freedom, not destroy it.

August 28, 2011

Pay Heed to Those That Have Witnessed……

“Some years ago, I escaped from the shipwreck of the Soviet “worker’s paradise” and moved to the United States, making a conscious choice between the forced inequality of socialism and the volunteer material inequality of capitalism. I didn’t expect to be rich; I only wanted an opportunity to earn an honest income without sacrificing my dignity. I wanted the freedom to pursue my own choices and aspirations, not the ones prescribed by the state. I wanted to live in a country where my success or failure would depend on my own honest effort, not on the whim of a bureaucrat. I wanted my relations with people to be based on voluntary agreements, not mandatory requirements. And finally, I wanted my earnings to be protected by law from wanton expropriation.”     Shake Down Socialism

October 13, 2010

‘I Want Your Money’ Movie Being Released

“I had the pleasure of speaking to Ray Griggs, a writer, producer, and director in Hollywood, California. We talked about his conservative documentary I Want Your Money. Griggs describes the film as a warning about the dangers of socialism and the drift towards big government. The film pits the ideas of Ronald Reagan against the ideas of Barack Obama.” @ lonelyconservative

December 20, 2009

The Leftist Cult…A Reasoned Abandonment of Liberty for the State

Lord Monckton Assaulted….Global Thugs Warming Up…Liberty, What Say You?

The U.S. Constitution as Children’s Literature

Liberal Diarrhea..The Infection-Matthew Yglesias

September 6, 2009

Climate Change Debate (Yes, a debate at least)

“Last month, in another study, also released in Science, Oregon State University researchers claimed to settle the debate over what caused and ended the last Ice Age. Increased solar radiation coming from slight changes in the Earth’s rotation, not greenhouse gas levels, were to blame…..

Nonetheless, what I find interesting is the eagerness of the authors and the media to make it clear that this doesn’t have any particular significance for the debate over climate change….

But we live in a moment when we are told, nay lectured and harangued, that if we use the wrong toilet paper or eat the wrong cereal, we are frying the planet. But the sun? Well, that’s a distraction. Don’t you dare forget your reusable shopping bags, but pay no attention to that burning ball of gas in the sky — it’s just the only thing that prevents the planet from being a lifeless ball of ice engulfed in darkness. Never mind that sunspot activity doubled during the 20th century, when the bulk of global warming has taken place.”



My closet is full of clothing. My garage is full of too much stuff, much forgotten or unused. Stuff. Is it my business that I have it? Is it anyone else’s right to lecture me, us, on the consumption of goods? Saw the recent Hollywood Pathetic Love Fest for Wonder Boy Service Call. Recall the guy earnestly saying to grow more and consume less? Well, now on the surface (it always is on the surface) that seems fine (their arguments are always fine up front) to have a back yard garden or terrace container garden. Just 50 years ago everyone in my neighborhood had a sizable back yard garden. Consume less. Well, yes. Save more and be more frugal in these hard times. Not bad advice. BUT! that is not the ultimate intent of the planners.

You will be self contained unit consuming less and eating your kale and tomatoes. Your savings, your frugality will benefit others. The State will decide how to divide you savings….your forced savings. Forced frugality. Forced co-ops? Forced this and that. All this nonsense ties back (yes I know you wondered) back to this climate change nonsense. Over focusing upon the sky is falling rhetoric of ‘scientist’ with a myopic view and the planners using the data to reduce our lives to frugal little consumers saving the planet.

Yes, stop pollution. Stop over development, but don’t crush it at all costs or for a Leftist agenda. Enough earnest little ‘bots running about lecturing and one step away from snitching you to the green gestapo. You know those little earnest twits will be the ones to call the authorities some day.

The debate is on and maybe the State Run Media will be counter balanced by questions, data, recalculations that bring honesty to the discussion (no discussion yet). I am tired of lock step propaganda spewed forth as fact. “Man is causing the disfigurement of the coastline with a planned resort.” “Man is causing the rise in sea levels.” On and on. No, I am not a scientist. But, for now, I have the freedom to call BS on the flock of crows that counter as false every scientist that counters the mantra. As scientist, isn’t it odd that many don’t seem to be intrigued by data that may suggest the earth is not flat.

May 7, 2009

Socialism’s Critique Then and Now (Yet, They Still Are Drawn to the Flame?)

 “Socialism is the Big Lie of the twentieth century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery.

COMMUNITY Activists in the Extreme

COMMUNITY Activists in the Extreme

 In the same way that a Ponzi scheme or chain letter initially succeeds but eventually collapses, socialism may show early signs of success. But any accomplishments quickly fade as the fundamental deficiencies of central planning emerge. It is the initial illusion of success that gives government intervention its pernicious, seductive appeal. In the long run, socialism has always proven to be a formula for tyranny and misery.

A pyramid scheme is ultimately unsustainable because it is based on faulty principles. Likewise, collectivism is unsustainable in the long run because it is a flawed theory. Socialism does not work because it is not consistent with fundamental principles of human behavior. The failure of socialism in countries around the world can be traced to one critical defect: it is a system that ignores incentives.”

Read the piece by Mark Perry and then read the comments of more recent times.

April 22, 2009

Far Right Thugs and Crime Increase in Germany

adolf-hitler-nazism-fascism-third-reich-swastika2Economic conditions similar to 20″ and 30’s are breeding ground for ‘Far Right’ thugs and flash back to Nazi’s of old….so says Interior Minister of Germany. Well, you think they would  have a handle on how to mount a Nazi offensive and turn the world upside down. Of course, the Socialist rant about the economy was the key to taking the discontented and steering them toward Fascistic movement….a decidedly Socialist movement. Although the noise the Far Right makes is pronounced and unsettling to the current Euro mentality, I wonder how much marginalization efforts are going on in Germany just like here to call Conservative or Right side comments as Nazi, Extreme, Dangerous. Perhaps they, the Neo Nazi’s are violent….perhaps not. Maybe someone else can expound on the reality there beyond the economic chaos? 

April 9, 2009

Socialism’s Wasting Affect (Denial of the Obvious; And, A Weak Response From The Right)

“Socialism kills vitality and creativity. The nanny state, with all its entitlements, is the super-sized enabler of a dependent, malcontent, apathetic populace. Like the over-indulgent parent who is heavy on the material things but light on the time-investment that leads to real maturity and independence, socialist governments oversee populations of disaffected Peter Pans.” 

Pundette, as usual, uses precise wording to explain the overwhelming, the maze, the blurry.

What I always bump up against are the generalities that are offered by the Right re the alleged failures of Socialism. But what about Sweden? Has socialism failed there? PC has failed their people, given the Muslim onslaught there and in Norway. But, Socialism? What there?..We hear about France, Great Britain, Canada but has anyone done it well without sapping the core spirit of the recipient?

Speaking For Libert

Speaking For Liberty

 I don’t know. And, the brainwashing has gone on for so long that minimal generalities won’t fly anymore….details are needed. Often the Right engages in shout down. Today, I heard some Leftist caller engaging, in a polite tone, a Right wing talk radio. The caller simply asked ‘why not recognize Cuba?’ The U.S. recognizes China, Russia, Cambodia…how many tens of millions of humans perished and still perish and we recognize them. They (Russia/China) have missiles trained upon us now as Cuba once did…why not recognize them now and promote the concept that we, through open borders will help bring about change..? Well the Right Wing guy talked down and over rode the caller in a condescending manner. The caller’s point was valid if we kneel before Chavez, Putin, Sheiks and ignored Stalin’s 30 million deaths. This is a bit of a digression re Socialism, but we don’t seem to have progressed with the sophistication of our arguments. The Right Blogs help enormously, but we sound weak if we only let Talk Radio articulate our responses in sarcastic bullet sprays…the only man I have heard lately with some depth is Levine…

We, the Right, seem to have a litany of empty or tired responses. The Steyn, Buckley, the brilliant few have the capability to move beyond the tired…they grasp the depth of history and have a counter that is borne of strength in knowing there are no absolutes…but, well articulated pro’s will out weigh the con’s, or vice versa. I applaud Pundette for knowing the limits and the need for more backup in the future debates. We cannot count on the msm, Leftist professors or the already brainwashed. The Repub’s/RINO’s are feeble and to me corrupt…now what?           

March 12, 2009

Obama’s Vision: Nanny State or worse? I am so done…so pissed.

Obamanation=Nanny State

Obamanation=Nanny State

Random Impressions: Shit storm of info to confuse and give the sheep the impression of positive action supported by the adoring msm prop. machine; Nanny State at a minimum; Pelosi is disgusting, Reid is disgusting, Republicans are done…I hate the Republicans; something new is needed; Shut up Steele, you are rediculous and so is the party that propped you up; Castro, Chavez and Che are resurrecting; where are the anti war crowd over Iraq and Afghanistan???? No debate on assault to freedom; my anger increases almost enough to don a ‘Fuck Obama’ bumper sticker…yet my civility gets in the way; no intelligent debate on how we got to this…still the last 8 years shit…no attachment to Demwits or Clinton decisions in the 90’s; we are polarized and I think a clash is inevitable that will show these marxist for what they are…force their hand? Same techniques the Left has always used…Where is Ayers in this and HOW OFTEN DOES Obama TALK TO AYERS? Card check Union shit..same old union shit..fuck unions…thugs…keep talking your ‘middle class’ shit..Leftist thugs..the one’s that would do the dirty work…in no uncertain terms Fuck Ted Kennedy! 

Oh and here is the biggy..the capper on Immigration..the door opening to forever change our culture….this is so wrong and nary a peep!

Sorry for the anger…but I am so done. I am pissed off and any compassion I have is evaporating in disgust….spoiled, pretentious Libs sitting by and saying nothing while they dine at their hipster estabs, and act totally Euro…what a disgusting mix this is… 

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