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March 18, 2014

u.s. Drops the Ball Again

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It’s not that we have to lead ourselves into yet another war, but let’s face it, we are perceived as weak and wimpy. To avoid conflicts, strength must be perceived by the adversary. There is no resolve and blatant ignorance now amongst our leadership.

kerry footballkerry football2

Any wonder we dropped the ball?

Disinformation: Playing John Kerry (Than & Now)

disinformation_3d_700-1The author alleges the Russians played John Kerry back in the Vietnam era but funneling false info through channels until the twit became the useful idiot he is in front of Congress.


Reset This Barry

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April 11, 2009

From Russia! With Love

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I previously posted a piece at my Fly Fishing Blog from an entertaining Russian blog site that  is irreverent and extremely informative. Check out this site now and then. I traveled to Russia in the mid 90’s to teach at police academies. In the time I was there, I found an amazingly beautiful region around Moscow and wonderful people. This Russia blog site is reminiscent of the energy and edginess I encountered behind the official facade…!

Moskva River Bridge

Moskva River Bridge

January 2, 2009

Russians Say Uncle Joe 3rd Most Popular; Send Ayers to Russia

Old Time Favorites

Old Time Favorites

“The resurrection of Stalin comes at a time when historical backsliding is being encouraged by the Putin regime. Under his leadership, the old Soviet national anthem was restored, with new words composed by the same man who wrote the old anthem for Stalin when he ruled Russia. Lenin’s body still lies for exhibit in Red Square, and no plans have been made to close the  mausoleum down. And the new Russian textbooks ordered by the government for schoolchildren all praise Stalin as one of the great wartime leaders who defeated the Nazis and made old Russia a strong and modern state.”

“…the recent raid on those brave Russians who want their countrymen to know the truth about Stalin, and who are dedicated to memorializing millions of his victims. A few  weeks ago, Russian police burst into the office of Memorial in St. Petersburg, under the pretext of searching for guns and drugs. They took 11 hard drives from the group’s computers when they left five hours later. These storage disks contained files of those Russians who had been Stalin’s victims, including diagrams by survivors of the Gulag camps, photos of those executed by Stalin’s NKVD, various accounts by Stalin’s surviving victims and maps of the location of mass graves.”

Well, here you go. If Russians can ignore 30 million murders by Uncle Joe et al, then of course we can forgive William Ayers’ minor body count. Pathetic on all counts.

December 19, 2008

Russia, Like the Rest, Must Make Payroll

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Red Dawn
Red Dawn

Russians are taking to the streets as global energy prices decline and their country’s economy skids.  The causes of the protests are not related-an announced tariff increase on foreign cars and the ending of transport fare discounts, for instance-but the disturbances are unsettling Moscow.  ”They’re incredibly scared of this,” ….So far, the demonstrations, confined to outlying areas, do not threaten Prime Minister Putin’s rule.  Yet turbulence in the periphery foreshadows turbulence in the center. Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were undone by low oil prices…..

From Comment to Above:

This means he (Putin) has broken the bargain he made with the three pillars that hold up his regime: the oligarchy, to whom he promised peace to enjoy their wealth (in return for staying out of politics); the military, to whom he promised a return to past glories; and the common people, to whom he promised peace and prosperity.


November 19, 2008

Russian Spy (Estonian Simm Compromises US Defense Secrets & NATO)

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Herbert Simm of Estonia has sold US Eastern Euro defense plans, computer codes, missle defense secrets to Russia. Nothing changes, Russia is still there. This is a blackeye for NATO and who knows how much infiltration there is within NATO as Mr. Simm was the one in charge of background-security clearances. Not good.

October 29, 2008

Stalin Reassessed (Russian Change Agent…The Hard Way)

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On March, 5, the day of Joseph Stalin’s death, the Russian Public Opinion Research (VCIOM) unveiled the data concerning Russian people’s attitude to Stalin’s persona and his policies. Answers to the question whether the country followed the right course under Joseph Stalin were equally negative and positive. Every second respondent said that Stalin’s politics was right. There are also people who consider his policy erroneous.”

“About 50 percent of the polled Russians think that all the people convicted for political motives were innocent.”   (Wonder what the other 50% thought!)