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January 26, 2010


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LIBERALS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROGRESSIVES


“As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts” Ronald Reagan


September 9, 2009

Camille Paglia Nails The Earnest Ones

Face 2 BusyBody“There was a glaring inability in most Democratic commentary to think ahead and forecast what would or could be the actual snarled consequences — in terms of delays, denial of services, errors, miscommunications and gross invasions of privacy — of a massive single-payer overhaul of the healthcare system in a nation as large and populous as ours. It was as if Democrats live in a utopian dream world, divorced from the daily demands and realities of organization and management.” Pundit & Pundette

Earnest, self assured, of the calling. It all seems so right in their little reinforcing enviro.

September 8, 2009

Obama (The Dogs’ Feet Reflexively Rise to Scratch That Spot)


Obama and the Union Tweaking on Labor Day (Class Envy, Worker v. Boss Man, Wages (my ass)).   Obama and The Children (GHWB did something similar years ago and was taken to task for intruding into the educational system…where are the media and Regressives today….oh, yo, the State Run Media…dat explains it).   All the sycophants repeat the mantra of guilt, have not’s, social justice, community, Democracy. It all boils down to creating victim classes that are not interested in equality of opportunity, or a helping hand…nope the victim classes are a club to beat down the Republic, the capitalist system, quality of life via that opportunity. Relentless Race, Relentless focus on the minorities….not their ascendancy through individual achievement, but their continued and necessary victim status…and more pathetically their acceptance of this role. Yep, the calculating scratching behind the ear of the attentive mutt causes that leg to raise up and start to hit that spot of need. No need to….let your master take care of that for you.  

You know, perhaps a Revolution of sorts is coming. I see a rebellion in my mind. What was more subtle is now more harsh. NO admission of hypocrisy by the Left, No change of the RINO’s, No genuine balanced investigation of anything. Everything agenda driven. Conclusions assumed and only the points needed to prove the conclusions are discovered. Goofy robotic Left, Giant Leftist Power Whores, Goofy Religious Right…everybit as dangerous as a Leftist, Pathetic and Frigging Dangerous Dependency Class ( I am coming to hate them and to distrust my personal ability to sot out the truly needy). The Golden Rule under assault by my jaded perception of the takers (the dependent and the powerful).

February 11, 2009

‘Demarxists’ (If the Public Had A Memory..It Would be Short)


I discovered Doug Ross@Journal ( today and thoroughly enjoyed the piece re Clinton era push to up ownership of homes by minorities in the the 90’s. It is important that revisionist history be thwarted at every opportunity…the msm isn’t going to do it…and this site is an excellent resource of the prior trends and start ups that got us started toward this mess. Also…the ‘Demrxist’ lable is outstanding and I intend to spread it far and wide.

Clinton administration] Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Andrew Cuomo today announced a policy to require the nation’s two largest housing finance companies [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac] to buy $2.4 trillion in mortgages over the next 10 years to provide affordable housing for about 28.1 million low- and moderate-income families. (1999)

January 27, 2009

Obama and the Regressives’ Smoke and Mirrors

Find the hidden snow flakes in the blizzard. Billions upon billions of Leftist agenda projects that will savage our liberty and create an ever bigger Nanny State. No questions from the msm fixated. This mess has opened the door, the means to once and for all, construct the Socialist paradise they all imagined. There will be no going back for our freedom or financial freedom. It will readjust generations of perception on the government’s role. As Europe moves away from such absurd planning..we move toward it with reckless abandon. I am already grossly tired of Obama’s stilted voice and poser attitude. He is a poser of the worst type. We are doomed to care for the addicted..the Obama addicted.

December 3, 2008

Global Warming/Climate Change (Green=Red; One People; One World)

Global Warming didn’t bubble up through science and sound education for years and years. It is political and has been pushed by the UN and useful idiot politicians. Man made Global Warming and Climate Change is being used as something to exploit, to grow government power!

It is time to look beyond what the media is telling you and look into this subject, critically and seriously. It is time for all People to wake up and stop the global warming agenda! It is crucial that you make sure you don’t allow yourself to be tricked into thinking totalitarian government is the solution to anything!! For your sake, and the sake of all our futures.

Green Gestapo

Green Gestapo

DailyAntiKos sets forth in his post that the Global Warming push is nothing more than a movement to move the US into Communism via the GW vehicle. Terminology aside (as I don’t know if Communism is a suitable lable) I believe I see, and perhaps you do too, this Global, World, One People, One Earth, anti Nationalism, anti sovereignty push. For the last few years,  I have noted bumper stickers (always a great Leftist barometer in Keep Portland Red) with the Global Citizen BS. These are world citizens, who have no doubt traveled to Europe, Costa Rica, Thailand and perhaps Kenya. The Global Warming push does seem bent upon a leveling of the US doesn’t it. The guilt BS of O re the little US using so much of the Earth’s resources. Guilt, the Left’s staple and Fear (what the Left likes to accuse Republicans of using) are being used to steer this country toward regression…hence my name of Democrats as the Regressive Party. Regression back to pre-industrial simplicity for some of the granola crowd. Walk into any Co-op and there is nothing suggesting pro-growth, other than a collective/communce mentality. Life on the hippie commune of the 60’s. Urban gardens, organic, alternative options….on and on toward a slow capitalism down and look beyond your borders to the simpler, equitable ways of the sophisticated Euro’s and for god sakes look to the have nots…guilt…Of course, there will always be people on the Left that will steer us where ever for the greatest good, but will still reap extraordinary wealth and power while the rest of us Regress. 


liberty-3I believe the push is coming via Regressives and O to cap and crush this economy and culture; to abide by UN and other Global Commissions on one damn contrived crisis and feel good mandate after another….to push us into a Global Harness, that may not be Communism in its inception, but will be prone to at first mandated conformation and at its worst Global Unions, and a form of Socialism that will crush nationalism. Would totalitarian oppression loom via such a government? Given what sheep and unquestioning Ecobots Americans are becoming with junk science inundation/programming, it is possible it would easily be enabled by our own government, not necessarily from some world despot. A commission of Global Despots….World Planning Commissions for Climate, Hunger, Health, Equality (not one mention of Liberty, of course). Something to ponder. We are in times of the mind game…the sophisticated manipulation of the mind toward compliance without force. All things can appear reasonable eventually… Giving up gradual portions of your liberty for co-op like greater good accomodations becomes easy as the rhetoric seems reasonable. The relinquishments of freedom/liberty seem harmless given the collective agreement and sense of positive purpose….only later sans Liberty and the means to resist would the folly be evident. Collective Good v. Liberty. Americans seem confused on this balancing act.             


November 22, 2008

Pelosi, Reid & Trust (Your Liberty in the Regressive’s hands)

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Do You Trust Them?

Do You Trust Them?

Again, for what reason should conservatives rally round Obama? Will his policies benefit us or the “citizens of the world”? Furthermore, the man has accomplished nothing over the course of his entire career, but some fanatics now propose creating a national holiday in his honor. This is ludicrous and the hysteria that surrounds this unaccomplished man is baffling.

Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Waxman, Dodd and Obama; to name but a few. Their is no compromise with these people. Only an Armageddon with their heads on the line would ever gain their attention. They are a very sad commentary on our countries understanding of political abuse. Any power brokering by Bush-Cheney-Rove will pale in comparison to the excessive alteration of our lives. Patriot Act, Iraq, the debt expansion will appear as feeble Executive exercises in power compared to what is coming. The punitive use of powers to harm opponents will make Valerie Plame (BS), US Attorney firings (BS), Guantanamo (BS) look amateurish.   

For further use, as it is a typical Regressive response:

An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: “argument to the man”, “argument against the man”) consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to a characteristic or belief of the person making the argument or claim, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument or producing evidence against the claim. The process of proving or disproving the claim is thereby subverted, and the argumentum ad hominem works to change the subject.

November 11, 2008

Obama & $60. Barrel Oil (Curtail Drilling on Public Lands per Exec Order?)


Euro Fetish

Euro Fetish

No Drilling. No Domestic Oil. Purposeful Hostage Taking. Remember the benchmark of a $60.00 barrel price. What will $150.00 to $200.00 per barrel look like at the pumps? I just filled my p-u’s tank last night for $51.00 ($2.18g). I was paying $90.00 a week ($4.00+g) earlier and not happy. That is like a tax cut for me. That is $1800.+ a year, I can use. 

Talk drilling. Do drilling. But, nope, that is not going to happen. So, little yups pretending they are little Euro’s riding their bikes to and fro. Urban children with pretentious Euro tastes. Regressives with Urban gardens like a damn Victory garden (Vegans of course; well no, some are gasp, Meat-Centrix)…all regressing and non-plussed by ever increasing gas prices.

Their good life is different from mine. They are demanding Euro Socialism and reductions in their liberty, because Group Think abounds. Individualism is nothing more than going to the restroom alone. Pathetic, lockstep thinking and emoting, beyond the trendy that we all succumb to. The degree of wages that some of these people make and are willing to part with is a sad reminder of elitism’s need to pretend kindness & superiority…let the Nanny State do it. They are much too busy eating at the trendy restaurant down the street, while discussing with the ubiquitous Group my travel plans to France or South Africa. 

      Obama’s Willing Coalition (perhaps voluntary ‘over the top’ taxation is in order)

While market imbalances could temporarily cause prices to fall back, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the era of cheap oil is over,” the report states.,dwp_uuid=f2b40164-cfea-11dc-9309-0000779fd2ac.html?nclick_check=1

President Clinton got 38 percent of the vote among those making over $100,000. This year Obama earned 49 percent of that vote. He also got 52 percent of a new polling category — those making over $200,000 a year who were no longer among the top 1 percent of earners, as they had been in past elections, but were now the top 6 per cent.

And for all the talk about the surging youth vote, those under 29 went from 17 percent in 1996 and 17 percent in 2004 to a mere to 18 percent of the electorate today — and that youth surge was heavily fueled by the fact that the minority communities are much younger than their white counterparts. Of the 18 percent under age 29 who voted this year, 11 percent were white and 7 percent were minority.

October 28, 2008

Obama & Regressive Party (Shining Time Train to Dependencyville)

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 The Obama Shining Time Special, with Lunch Pail Joe headed for Change, Hope, Economic Justice, Tax Breaks, Community, All In One Big cattle car, I say. The technique is working on the cattle.

“Senator Obama has made a lot of promises. First he said people making less than 250,000 dollars would benefit from his plan, then this weekend he announced in an ad that if you’re a family making less than 200,000 dollars you’ll benefit — but yesterday, right here in Pennsylvania, Senator Biden said tax relief should only go to “middle class people — people making under 150,000 dollars a year.” It’s interesting how their definition of rich has a way of creeping down. At this rate, it won’t be long before Senator Obama is right back to his vote that Americans making just 42,000 dollars a year should get a tax increase. We can’t let that happen.” McCain Speech

October 17, 2008

Obama Leftist Use Violence to Intimidate & Silence Opinion


Good Sign

Good Sign


Bad Sign-Oregon (Of Course)

Bad Sign-Oregon (Of Course)

Well, in Oregon, in particular Portland, there are 318,777 Obama signs and 189,654 Obama Biden signs. Also, there are 5, well make that 4 now, McCain Palin signs. The lack of tolerance, even in a Leftist Enclave, is instructive of how the Left acts even with overwhelming positive Group Think, such as Portland. It is exactly how it will become with Regressive President, Regressive Congress and Regressive Courts.