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March 21, 2014

Reputed~Repugnant “Facts” re Illegal Immigration

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ILLEGALSThis is a tough one for me. I know several Mexicans in the U.S., here illegally families and all. They work two jobs, they are decent families. I care for them. Yet the accumulative impact of not controlling our immigration is problematic. The human element is often lost in the politicalization of the issue from both sides. 

July 19, 2012

Defy & Down With: C.A.I.R & the Muslim Brotherhood

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You expect more? Do you need more? Is your MSM keeping you abreast of their thuggish tactics here, let alone in Egypt? Nope. Enough! The Commies invaded our government to our detriment to this day. Don’t let these thugs invade our government, ethics or communities…Down With C.A.I.R!!!

Come on speak up! You all freak out over the religious right. This thugs ought to make you pucker right up. Speak out against them and all they stand for. Resist this wave in your community.

July 4, 2012

Mindful Liberty Day

Reverence for Liberty. I have no reverence for social justice but equal justice. No reverence for the Occupy ilk but for the truly hard working, reverent middle class. No love for the Crony Capitalist, Lawyers and Political Class regardless of party. No love for Progressives or Theoocracy Thugs. I love Liberty and the sacrifices that have been made to preserve it. I love the Constitution and it’s limits upon the government class and those seek to limit my life and decisions. Hail to Liberty! Celebrate Liberty and be mindful of those that do not respect it.

March 22, 2012

Citizen Involvement Disgust

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This never ending campaign cycle for Boy Wonder and the Republicans is uninspiring. Whether I am still burned out from last time and/or totally fed up with the offerings is unimportant. None of it registers. A bad thing in my estimation. In no direction that I look do I see anything to be inspired or happy about save my own family and friends.

The blessing is in that isn’t it? I have never been one to invest in any of these people. I realize their frailties and the game, the process. So, for now, for good….I turn inward. I won’t over obsess about buying gold, peanut butter and ammo, but I am prepared mentally and materially. 

The process is broken. Representative government, the Republic is broken. Executive power (regulatory powers/executive powers) are becoming obscene. If this is the best my country has to offer right now then I am not interested. Show something different before it is too late. Oh, and before you tell me to get involved, to serve, to invest…I have…screw it.

January 26, 2012

Mitch Daniels & Paul Ryan

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Given the stakes in the next few years, it is disheartening to see the Republican apparatus in action right now. No rationalization aids in accepting the current Romney/Gingrich abuse fest. Baggage, bloat….something is not right there and we know it. And, if because of this campaign strategy (bash each  other’s capitalist tendencies) that obnoxious Obama gains traction, I will give up on this process.

Executive power grabs, neutered Congress, extremes abound and no clear leadership, vision or ability to capture the imagination. The far Left, the religious Right, the damn moderate/undecided’s. I am disgusted. 

Oh, I like Ryan and Daniels. No matter, I know. The Republican machine has regurgitated out Romney. And, the only counter is Gingrich, Perry, Santorum? 

December 20, 2011

OMG! Seriously? Tis the Season

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Tis the season. I will keep that in mind and keep my mind/heart/soul open to  the good words, the good deeds, the good intentions of others and within myself.

There is little to be happy with on the political front. To me, it all looks bleak: Romney, Gingrich, Paul…seriously, is that the best the Right can do? How disappointing. The whole field leaves me cold. The consequences of this pathetic field begs the possibility of that Marxist, manipulative s.o.b. winning a second term and driving us off the cliff. Oh, Sarah Palin….go away please!

What would an economic collapse look like for us in the U.S.? I don’t want to run about buying food supplies, ammo and stash cash or gold. But, there is a disconnect in the media. It is like we are staring at the reality, but don’t recognize it. 

Congress, Obama, betting on elections, media, the Occupy idiots (99% my ass), it all seems bleak right now. Uninspired. I will turn toward mine. Tis the Season, but a pissed off mood sets right below the surface. Enough of these useful idiots……….


January 17, 2011

Zipline’s Final Oath

I have grown weary of the daily lies and manipulations by all sides. Truth, as I see it, is obscured and nearly smothered by power hungry factions that bully the realities into hiding. I have had enough.

I have my stores amply supplied. I have vowed to take care of and support all whom I love and protect. I will take care to treat my fellow man with respect and courtesy until they show me otherwise. I will not be naive about the intent of the Left or the gluttony of the RINO’s. ‘Don’t tread on me’ seems appropriate to my mood.

I am done with politics and the constant lies and petty manipulations. I will be all I can be to those that are in my sphere and come into my sphere. But, I will not suffer fools that sacrifice liberty for weak comfort.

For those that continue the good fight….bless you! If I come back to this grind it will be for outrageous expressions. I think my soul would be better served less outraged and diverted away from these follies of American politics and media.

April 2, 2009

Dream Act (Demarxists Extend Amnesty to Political Base…Shame!)

System Overload

System Overload

Chain Migration BS. Amnesty via the Back Door. Shame, Shame. Extending the Political Base with no shame. Diluting the Culture and the Law.

How Obama views Immigration Laws   (His Auntie Gets extension)