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March 18, 2014

Reset This Barry

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August 23, 2012

Makes Sense Now

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May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day & Life’s Conundrum

First, bless them and cherish them. Do not taken them for granted. Do not treat them as chattel or servants nor demean them in front of son and daughters.  The mother is an amazing woman. Nothing, not even fatherhood, is quite like the essence of a good mother. 


And, then this birth thing and when life begins. An intrusive question for a woman’s right to choose not to be a mother.

“What’s most interesting about this story, and others around the internet that are reporting on it, is that the fetus is constantly and interchangeably referred to as “child”, or “baby”, or even as “patient”. But under Canadian law, or lack thereof, a human being is not a child, a baby, or a patient, until it is born and outside of the womb alive. This creates a rather strange paradox between our medical ability to treat a human baby in utero, and the legal black hole that does not grant any acknowledgment of the life….”

A gal gets knocked up. The ‘fetus’, the ‘baby’ is currently inconvenient for the gal, for the guy. Seriously, is there really more? All this right to choose and the like is nothing more than the right to choose self over another life. Selfish death…an inconvenient truth. Many of us have been there. We turn away now. The truth is still there. Did you call your Mom today? Did you see her? Did you go late last night or early this morning to sort through the rummaged over cards? Did you write some half assed words to the woman who gave you life? For good or not so good, she gave you life and raised you for what purpose? Condoning cheap death?