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October 31, 2008

Obama & Rashid Khalidi (Hamas the “Community Organizers”)

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This is a radical talking to the usual Portland Left audience at PSU. What is annoyingly contrived is Khalidi flings verbal globs of shit at you, then says “I’m not going to talk about that”,  more flung shit…more “I’m not going to talk about that”. Video is not full of talking point hits to mentally grab onto. It is more of an overall view of the historical evolution of Palestinian politics. Note, when he is talking about the US or Israel how his voice gets guttural and angry. Little Rashid is just perking away inside. A half hour of Khalidi, if you have the patience, on Palestine contemporary history.

The issue that Biden remarked about Obama being challenged: I can think of Obama making significant remarks and positions about Palestine. This man’s position is not that of an objective ‘historian’ but as a Palestinian operative. More power to him…we just need recognize that if Obama is so close to this guy…then Obama will not be pro-Israel, regardless of one’s views re Israel.  

What is clear is Khalidi’s precise knowledge and position re internal politics of Palenstine. If I was Israeli or Jewish, I would be nervous if this arrogant twit has had Obama’s ear. Nothing to bizarre here…he sounds like the usual Leftist before the choir…  (Khalidi at PSU 2007)


October 26, 2008

Obama’s, Khalidis, Ayers & Dohrn (2003 Dinner for Palestinian Freedom Fighter Khalidi)

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Linked Damnit!

Linked Damnit!

Did Barack Obama speak before this dinner and state over the top pro-terrorist accolades for PalestinIan Khalidi? Did he simply criticize Israeli policy related to Palestine? Is it truly over the top and if so why do we only know about its existence five years later, just before the election and not three months ago or whenever….odd timing as much as I want Obama to topple. It has to be righteous and powerful or it just looks pathetic as much of Conservatism has become. Flailing about as you get your ass kicked by the faster, bigger, prepared bully. 

Just more alliances and associations. No one will care. If the tape is released it will be carefully responded to (that response is being crafted now) so as to walk the non-offending line of human rights and problematic relationships in that part of the world then…yada yada. But, the tape won’t be released any more than the SCOTUS will hear Berg’s appeal. If they did not care about Ayers in our midst and intent on killing Americans and being close to Obama, why would they care about a Palestinian ‘freedom fighter’. The Obamabots are set. The damn ‘undecideds only care about what is in it for them. Freedom be damned! My pessimism is showing. Prove me wrong…I hope, desparately hope. 

“In Chicago, the Khalidis founded the Arab American Action Network, and Mona Khalidi served as its president. A big farewell dinner was held in their honor by AAAN with a commemorative book filled with testimonials from their friends and political allies. These included the left wing anti-war group Not In My Name, the Electronic Intifada, and the ex-Weatherman domestic terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. (There were also testimonials from then-state Senator Barack Obama and the mayor of Chicago.)”

“Ayers, Dorhn, Obama, Rashid Khalidi, and Ali Abunimah, all attended the same party…”

“It has come to my attention that you possess a video of Barack Obama at a going away party for Rashid Khalidi.

At Khalidi’s going-away party in 2003, the scholar lavished praise on Obama, telling the mostly Palestinian American crowd that the state senator deserved their help in winning a U.S. Senate seat. “You will not have a better senator under any circumstances,” Khalidi said.

The event was videotaped, and a copy of the tape was obtained by The Times.

Though Khalidi has seen little of Sen. Obama in recent years, Michelle Obama attended a party several months ago celebrating the marriage of the Khalidis’ daughter.

In this highly contentious presidential election, where the bias of nearly every news outlet has been rightfully called into question, it is imperative that you release this video at once.

This is perhaps the last and only chance for print journalism to regain its once exhalted status of champion for truth and accountability in reporting.”

Noam Sayin’ at Little Green Footballs Summarizing in Comments Section with letter to LA Times demanding release of tape from 2003.


Michelle Malkin says:In related news, the blogosphere is stepping up pressure on the L.A. Times to release the video the paper’s suppressing of Barack Obama at a Jew-bashing party with former PLO radical Rashid Khalidi.

LGF notes that Weather Underground terrorist duo Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers were also in attendance.

Tim Blair
says: Hand over the tape!”