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September 16, 2011

Crony Capitalist/Socialist/Marxist

With the new mismanagement of ‘green’ dollars (Solyndra) is evident Obama and his Cronies have varied interests in making this green concept work. Somewhere either via GE or some other entrepreneur there is a corrupt smell to this administration. The recent GPS scandal is yet another example of Obama Cronyism. 

The Leftist Apology Machine, like Media Matters, makes excuse,s ad nauseam, and as usual point back to Republican corruption/cronyism. That is fair. It is all corrupt and Obama is no different.

It is mentioned how can Obama be either the corrupt Capitalist or the corrupt Socialist? Seriously? Corrupt leaders exist in all manner of economic/political systems. The corrupt Marxist officials in the USSR had their cars, dacha’s and fine vodka plus special accounts. The corruption is just grander for the Obama schemers.

Why would Obama had a Green Czar named Van Jones? Doesn’t that seem odd? Yes


August 11, 2010

Charlie Rangel Happy Birthday You Crooked SOB

Leftist Bloggers revel in the hypocrisy of RINO’s and the religious right. So be it. They turn a blind eye and sit silent to the corruption of Rangel or Waters. They turn a deaf ear to the reflexive banter of a racism charge by Waters. Such bullshit. Sit down and shut up you blustering, corrupt fool.

NO! Actually, you and Maxine keep talking and ranting and playing the race cards and strutting your corrupt arrogance…it showcases the corruption in Congress. Happy Birthday Charlie….imagine quite a few people are too busy to attend your extravagant party at The Plaza Hotel.

July 22, 2010

Chrysler Dealer Gate? (Massive Job Losses)


It is ever more clear that the Obama Administration knows how to run a campaign and utilize a majority to ram through a massive power grab…but, they cannot seem to correctly run anything. Don’t you have this sense, that when you watch Oblahma off script, off teleprompter how inept and W like he is (scripted)? These burps of ill-conceived responses to crises is very unsettling in the event of a real crisis. Read Ms. Malkin’s remarks about the mass amount of Chrysler dealerships that have closed…700+ dealers and employees. Many were owners of dealerships were contributors to the Republican Party. ???

October 27, 2009

American L.E. Corruption Likely to Rise from MexCartels

“if you increase the overall number of law enforcement officers as dramatically as we have”—from 9,000 border agents and inspectors prior to 9/11 to a planned 20,000 by the end of 2009—“you increase the possibility of corruption due to the larger number of people exposed to it and tempted by it.” Note, too, that Drug Enforcement Agency data suggest that Mexican cartels are operating in at least 230 American cities.    The Mexicanization of American Law Enforcement

So, if they haven’t already, will whack job Muslims join forces with the Cartels in Mexico to compromise our systems? Worked in Colombia, Afghanistan…



Without belaboring the point, I have personal experience with the mentality of the true cartel trafficker…not the street thug gangster, but rather the original genetics of the Culiacan spawn. They are every bit as dangerous as any Taliban crazy. Power for Mohammed or dinero….it all cuts the same. America is to pussyfied to mentally deal with this for long. La Plaza’s of old are extending ever del Norte. Estan Listo?

January 4, 2009

Richardson Should Move To Hyde Park

Richardson’s withdrawal was the first disruption of Obama’s Cabinet process and the second “pay-to-play” investigation that has touched Obama’s transition to the presidency. The president-elect has remained above the fray in both the case of arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and with the New Mexico case.

A federal grand jury is investigating how a California company that contributed to Richardson’s political activities won a New Mexico state contract worth more than $1 billion. Richardson said in a statement issued by the Obama transition office that the investigation could take weeks or months but expressed confidence it will show he and his administration acted properly.

Huh? How about Napolitano too?

November 26, 2008

Obama Vetted Hill (And, You know, O knows about Bill….Change my ass!)

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Bailed Out Banks Paid Slick Willie $Millions for Speeches

No wonder financial institutions require the government to steal $billions from us to prop them up, if this is an example of how wisely they allocate their resources:

Four major banks, including one that collapsed, two that received federal bailout money and one that filed for bankruptcy this past September, paid former President Clinton $2.1 million for 13 speeches he delivered on their behalf between 2004-2007, according to Senate financial disclosure statements filed by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).Citigroup paid Bill Clinton $700,000; Goldman Sachs paid $950,000; Lehman Brothers paid $300,000 and Merrill Lynch paid $175,000 to the former president for speeches during that time period. Sen. Clinton’s 2008 financial disclosure reports are not yet available.No worries — we taxpayers can more than make it up to them. Goldman Sachs has received $10 billion in federal bailout money, and Citigroup has received $25 billion. What a coincidence: the ones who shoveled the most cash at the Clintons were the ones who got the bailouts. Banks will no doubt learn not to be so stingy from the lesson of bankrupt Lehman Brothers and bought-out Merrill Lynch.

When we have no money left for bureaucrats to loot from us on behalf of their corrupt cronies, Chairman O can just print up some more, or sell what’s left of our future to the communist Chinese.

Please let me hear the relentless chorus from the discredited msm, or the Leftist Blogs about the mind searing transparency of corruption and greed. CHANGE…I had no illusions when I saw O surrounded by his contingency of ilk from Chicago. And, we know that Bill already betrayed his public trust with China and U.A.E. But, now that wonder boy has surrounded himself with the old of the Clinton camp, does anyone from the PUMA crowd, the loyalist to the end, not feel betrayed by this slime ball, Bill Clinton? This bunch is already immensely more seedy then W and his entourage. Seriously, this is the same old. It is so apparent now, O was an empty suit. He has spread himself between the Leftist sewage of Ayers et al and the Clintonista’s. I am sure some dumbshit RINO’s have full pockets too. To hell…to burning hell, with these people.    O+C= Organized Crime    Cheesy but real.

November 10, 2008

ObamaRhama OEmanuel (Corrupt, Corrupt, Corrupt..but, hey, who cares!)

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'CHANGE' Smells

Rahm Emanuel: Bought and Paid For

Seems that the folks over at the KOS are already becoming disillusioned with the bailout plan. Somehow they’ll blame Bush instead of the plan’s biggest advocates, Pelosi and Reid. Don’t look for much change from the Obama administration when it comes to corporate welfare. I’ve pasted an article straight from The Examiner which reveals that Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is in about as deep as you can get with those evil and greedy wall-street big-shots. Again, this is not the “Hope” and “Change” Obama’s radical friends were looking for.

October 31, 2008

Obama &Rezko (Oops! I Did it Again. Mistake in Judgment, Again)

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The man to lead the free world, Barack Obama? Great orator, perfect posture and timing. But, mierda for brains when it comes to associating with criminals (Rezko), communist, anarchist and radical mentors; frustrated terrorists and Palestinian operative. The list of suspicious characters is alarming…truly alarming…and I believe that the complicity of the msm is equally alarming, as they boldly step from jaded, Liberal journalist to unapologetic propagandists for a man that at a minimum lacks the judgment to be President, let alone a Jr. Senator. At worst, this a man, if he wins, that will be positioned with all the tools and stealth needed to alter the very fabric of our society. The Constitution and Legislative History are at risk of an Obamanation of disrepect via amendments or worse, replacement.  

“Mr. Obama has a Rezko image problem himself. The Democratic candidate met the Syrian-born businessman in his final year at Harvard Law School, and they stayed on friendly terms in the next two decades. When Mr. Obama started his run for the state Senate in 1995, Mr. Rezko gave him $2,000 on the first day of the campaign. The Illinois Senator says his political career didn’t start in Bill Ayers’s living room, but the Rezko wallet certainly launched him on his way. Over the next decade, Mr. Rezko raised as much as $250,000 for him and served on the Obama Senate campaign finance committee in 2004.”

“A year after his election, Mr. Obama bought his home in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood with Mr. Rezko’s help. At the time, he was the subject of a (then rumored) federal investigation. The men together looked at a house listed at $1.95 million. The seller insisted an adjoining lot must be sold simultaneously, though it was bound by a restrictive covenant that severely limited what the purchaser could do with the lot.”

October 29, 2008

Obama & Rezko (Corruption Beyond Association)

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“Chicago blogs are chirping away about Tony Rezko’s meetings with the federal prosecutor. Tony is singing like a songbird. You’d think that the electronic media would be more interested in what Tony might be saying than in how much it cost Sarah Palin to fly her children to state events, something every other Alaskan governor seems to have done.

Tony, you will remember, was Barack Obama’s financial mentor, the guy who subsidized the purchase of Obama’s Hyde Park mansion, and the guy who created the “pay for play” hospital construction scheme that was the end result of legislation Obama sponsored in the Illinois legislature.”

“Let’s face reality: If Bill Ayers had been blowing up black churches and belonged to some neo-Nazi organization, do you think his long-time association with someone who might be the next president would be so cavalierly dismissed? Do you think that Dean Stanley Fish of the University of Illinois would consider penning a letter on behalf of some non-repentant neo-Nazi? Imagine if that neo-Nazi had said: “I did not do enough bombings. I did not kill enough blacks.”

“The left is so wrapped up in its own high-minded sophistry that it is incapable of distinguishing between being self-righteous and being politically obscene. There is no difference between fascism and communism. They are two sides of the same totalitarian currency. They lead to the same excesses.”

October 19, 2008

Obama Wouldn’t Pass FBI Bkgrd. Check? Obama and a List of Questions

“If Barack Obama applied for a job with the FBI or the Secret Service, he would be disqualified because of his past association with William Ayers, a known terrorist. And yet, he is heading for the highest office in the land. If Obama is elected President he would not pass the security screening to be his own body guard!And the greatest irony is that a majority of the people in this country don’t even seem to care.”  

GOOGLE These 1 at a time ->

Obama Alwaleed bin Talal
Obama Ayers
Obama Barry Soetoro
Obama vs. Berg
Obama Bernie Sanders
Obama The New Black Panthers
Obama Chicago Annenberg Challenge
Obama Cloward-Piven Strategy
Obama Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
Obama Donald Warden
Obama Emil Jones
Obama Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac
Obama Farrakhan
Obama Frank Marshall Davis
Obama Franklin Raines
Obama George Soros
Obama Jim Johnson
Obama Khalidi
Obama Khalid al-Mansour
Obama Malcom X
Obamma Mohammed Hasan Chandoo
Obama Raila Odinga
Obama Rezko
Obama Saul Alinski
Obama Woods Fund
Obama Wright / Unity Trinity Church

Obama Larry Sinclair Donald Young
Obama Jodie Evans Bundler

Is it not bizarre that a candidate for the President of the United States could not pass a FBI background check? McCain, Biden and Palin with their baggage would pass such a test. Do you really believe that if we had the associations that Obama has had, that we would pass any portion of a FBI investigation? Common sense says we could not pass the test and common sense says Obama is unfit to be President. Simple until one bumps up against the equally simple fact that no one cares. Hence, we should amend the FBI back ground tests to provide for greater inclusion of previously considered inappropriate applicants. If the political and ethical culture are compromised then it is only logical to allow for trickle down corruption, mediocrity, complacency and CHANGE you didn’t plan for.    

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