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March 18, 2014

Reset This Barry



August 13, 2012

Infrequent Thoughts by a Zoned Out Conservative

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Well the Paul Ryan VP pick seems refreshing enough. He seems like a straight shooter and if Wyden had the wisdom to sit down and work with Ryan on economic issues than it speaks to Ryan’s affability and ability to work with others. Of course, Wyden wimped out when pressed.

I have never been more disgusted with the Left than at this point in my life. All of it joins together in one big swirl of a sewage treatment plant. Disgusting rhetoric. Disgusting ads. 

The old line Republican Party is not much better. So fed up with the image Republicans have carved out for themselves. Fed up with Religious Right and Left for that matter. Foolish and clueless.

So, it will be relentless class warfare and fear mongering ahead. No record to run on except fabrications and the aid of media lapdogs…the Obama Admin is a symbol of behind the scenes ruination and up front policy failures. Purposely laying the framework for more governmental power and purposeful pushing the system to falter if not fail. Intended consequences….Nanny steps in to ‘help’. 

Not sure I can work up any enthusiasm anymore. Feeling mentally withdrawn to the charade from both sides.

May 5, 2011

UBL, Obama & the Media

Media saturation over every nuance of the UBL kill ops: tiresome, silly, a reflection of our news addiction from Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, to what was UBL’s wife wearing during the takedown? Who cares!

Obama the calculator. Would be fine to go to Ground Zero if it was not totally a political move. He does nothing by chance. Bush was a bumbler, but more real than this totally managed human. What is real from this man? Is there anything real? I have yet to see anything real but petulance and arrogance. The rest is tiresome reading and lectures. Where is the man who remarked about “58 states”? A true W moment for O. Even his talk down to us in his casual mode is fake and condescending. Such a poser.

Yet this administration does look bumbling in the aftermath of the UBL incident. Very poor release of info for all the managed appearances.

Months in the planning, the ops still required Wonder Boy to weigh the decision for 16 hours before pulling the trigger? Really? 

So, we were concerned for the sanctity of the piece of mierda UBL’s body? Buried him at sea. I wondered at that then a friend said well better that than creating some location that becomes a shrine for the bastard….course then my friend suggested placing the body at Ground Zero, beneath the sewer system. Crass to be sure, but not a bad idea. 

Valuable time is being wasted as our country transforms into second class status at the hands of these manipulative Leftists. 

February 7, 2011

Obama & O’Reilly

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The President spoke candidly to Bill re the hardest thing in his Presidency. It is, of course, a personal take as he is ego-centric. He cannot relax to be himself as he is miscategorized by others.

Obama enjoys an overwhelmingly indulgent media, if not electorate. Imagine that media turning on you Barack. Imagine W and the relentless hatred. Imagine the casualties of war. Oh, no that’s right….it is about you.

July 31, 2009

Obamanation’s Wonderful Glow (A Lantern’s Light…A Moth to the Flame)

The Watchtower is a Lonely Place~Zipline

The Watchtower is a Lonely Place~Zipline

“This is why all Obama supporters label all Obama opponents “racists.” In their limited imagination, they can’t fathom someone actually opposing his Marxist anti-American pro-Terrorist belief system and policies. In their minds, only “racists” would oppose a blatant Marxist rushing to destroy the most powerful nation on earth.”

Not sure which scares me more Obama et al or his followers…the unquestioning panhandlers, the faithful attendees to the born again roadshows…the townhall drivel….the msm orgasmic delight…it is sickening to me that so many readily accept the plan. They are not they want the supposed Euro model and relish the community’s embrace of uniformity and earnest purpose. Toward what I say? This is frightening to me. This is not random execution but rather calculated beyond our tolerances were we to know. Someone please investigate this and report it…someone with a sense of history explain the dangers here.   

July 27, 2009

Obama & Company (Rapid Overload of Policy Considerations=Loss of Liberty)

Ezekiel Emanuel, the health care advisor to Obama wants to ration health care. No, not tort reform, which drives doctors to run unnecessary tests to CYA. Not encouraging doctors to reconsider tests to keep costs down. Nope, it is the government’s rep’s ultimately telling doctors, who can and cannot receive care. Bottom line, the government and eventually doctors will decide who is worthy of care and help. Yes, doctors are God-like now and make decisions. But, why is this worth making worse? Frankly, the reality of this is ominous and frightening.


Gates, Obama, Crowley: Obama STFU! Crowley DO NOT go to the WH and have a beer with those two for a instructional moment. Gates and Obama are elitist racists in their own right. Crowley stand your ground and leave this shit behind you. Obama you are an idiot and miss the reality of race relations in this country. No, I don’t miss it….the Left misses it. Enough of using race as a ready club. New Haven showed it and now Gates shows it…pathetic assumptions about reparations, preferential testing results, race based results….enough of this shit. 

Thank goodness for Moderate Democrats and Blue Dogs. At least for now. Of course, I am sure some knit wit RINO is lurking to step across the aisle.

Arrogance beyond any Republican abuse. Seriously, I have lost track of the arrogance and abuse of power by Dem’s since November. And, the Left is silent re this abuse. Bush-Cheney were evil? This is so apparent, but not a word from the whorish msm, or the Leftist bloggers. No acknowledgement of the obvious. RINO’s should be mindful to not gather ’round foot thumpers, womanizers and the corrupt. Set a standard and hold the more corrupt to it.       


June 1, 2009

American Angst by HillBuzz (Reality is Catching Up)

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simply wrong

From HillBuzz:

“The MSM and White House continue to tell us, every day, how historic Dr. Utopia’s presidency is and how happy we all must be that we have a black president now.  

We hear over and over again how glamorous Mrs. Utopia is and how everyone should look like her and dress like her (and wear sofa upholstery and old coffee filters sewn by drag designers as couture evening wear).



Middle-management slurping old chili out of the garbage!

People losing their homes!

Talented professionals going almost a year without finding jobs!

Welcome to Dr. Utopia’s America, people.  It’s the man the MSM claims is the new Lincoln, the one who’s taken over and nationalized the car-making industry…the man who reminds us not of Lincoln, but of Hoover…and we all not only know how terrible government-made cars are, but also how much Hoovers SUCK.

And we hate to tell you this, but it is all only going to get worse for the rest of Dr. Utopia’s term.”

Here in the NW, the impact is slowly impacting us. The earnest hipsters still flood the coffee shops and restaurants. There seems to be little impact in the Pearl District, until a closer look…for lease signs are ever more common and entrepreneurial dreams have ended for many. In the bleak observations of HillBuzz are the dark images of day to day decline in our self esteem, liberty and an increase in our vulnerability to the Nanny State. Sobering reading at HillBuzz….as it should be. 

March 28, 2009

Obama ‘Overshot His Mandate’ (‘In Otherwords, We Are So Screwed’)

I love that some people can succinctly turn out my thoughts in a much more meaningful manner…

Freedom's Fall

Freedom's Fall

“Yes, there is an element of managerial incompetence, but the real issue is that the Right was correct about Obama: he’s an ultra-liberal at least on domestic policy, not a pragmatic centrist either on policy or in style. His mode of governance — denigrate the opposition, engage in ad hominem attacks, refuse to compromise on substantive policy, disguise radical policy intentions with a haze of meaningless rhetoric — bespeaks someone supremely confident in his ideological views and undaunted by fears (which are slowly creeping up on his Red state colleagues) of having overshot his mandate.” (Jennifer Rubin)   (I found Pundit and Pundette and think I am smitten. Thanks to the ever resource laden The Blog of Walker)

This simple formula explained it from the git-go: OBAMA + AYERS = Transformational Marxism

September 19, 2008

Barack Obama and Me (Sometimes It Is Right Under Your Nose)

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I found this article via the Obama Goes To Washington site. It was written by a reporter for the Houston Press (2/2008) and chronicles his personal observations of Obama rising up in the Illinois State Legislature. It is informative and demonstrates the character of Barack H. Obama. He is far from a Change Agent. 

Take his preceeding years, after his university indoctrinations, in Chicago and factor in the ‘community organizer’ to CEO of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge via William Ayers and the attendant sleaze factor, then jump ahead to here, 2000. Spivak portrays Obama as the fresh faced, ready for prime time young pup….hmmmm?

How did Emil Jones know of Obama? Did he just see him wandering the halls? I think not. I suspect behind the scenes intro’s and suggestions were made and the rest is the current history.       

Todd Spivak writes: I was a young hungry reporter in Chicago covering a young hungry state legislator….

‘Months earlier, a reporter friend told me she overheard Obama call me an asshole at a political fundraiser”  

…My view of It was the year 2000 and Obama then wasn’t all that different from the image he projects now. He was smart, confident, charismatic and liberal. One thing I can say is, I never heard him launch into the preacher-man voice he now employs during speeches. He sounded vanilla, and activists in his mostly black district often chided him for it.”

“Emil Jones Jr., a gravel-voiced, dark-skinned African-American…had served in the Illinois Legislature for three decades. He represented a district on the Chicago South Side not far from Obama’s. He became Obama’s ­kingmaker….. Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills…… “I took all the beatings and insults and endured all the racist comments over the years from nasty Republican committee chairmen,” State Senator Rickey Hendon, the original sponsor of landmark racial profiling and videotaped confession legislation yanked away by Jones and given to Obama, complained to me at the time. “Barack didn’t have to endure any of it, yet, in the end, he got all the credit.” 

“…….no one wants to carry the ball 99 yards all the way to the one-yard line, and then give it to the halfback who gets all the credit and the stats in the record book (said Herndon).”

“During his seventh and final year in the state Senate, Obama’s stats soared. He sponsored a whopping 26 bills passed into law — including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced.”

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Barack Obama is only experienced in how to manipulate the process to benefit himself…his track record is not one of CHANGE…but rather Politics As Usual.