Zipline Conservative

January 27, 2009

Obama’s Glorification and Ever Ready Exit Strategy

Yet abroad it is a different story, where one cannot vote present or charm tough guys and thugs who do not always appreciate flexibility — and may interpret it as weakness to be exploited.

The Iranians prefer to talk, talk, and talk — while they get the bomb. Vladimir Putin wants consensus and dialogue — about re-establishing a right-wing version of the Soviet Empire. China loans us trillions to buy its goods — with the idea that it will soon leverage our financial policy. Europe wants to be courted while expecting America to both lead and be criticized for leading.

I recall years ago heading into an important, large strategy session and having my boss tell me to not worry about the intense response I anticipated. He said, “It is all appearance over substance.” We had a great smoke and mirrors presentation for the unquestioning large group. But, afterwards in the smaller session with serious minded people..I had my ass handed to me. They wanted details and did not tolerate empty rhetoric or fluff. My sweet dispositon, smooth talk and charts meant nothing. I was chewed up and learned a valuable lesson and a huge disrepect for appearance over substance type. To glorify appearance and rhetoric is an immense aggravator for me.

Of course, with Obama the appearance over substance crap is smoke and mirrors at its finest and the behind the scenes small print, so to speak, is the danger the euphoric masses are missing. Maybe they aren’t and don’t value their freedom and national identity enough to worry about the changes about to happen…they are too busy listening to the hype and addicted to the imagery…these are pathetic times on the appearance over substance level…and frightening times when you get a glimpse behind the curtain…