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May 31, 2015

Rad Fem Take Away

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I have not posted here in over a year. I frankly stopped posting because of the overwhelming negative hue that comes from realizing societal decline…I can only take so much. But, I cannot vent on the feel good friends and family on Facebook nor at my positive karma laden blog. So, I will resurrect Zipline to vent off the pressures of coming upon absurd happenings. No ground shaking, coarse altering writings here. Just reblogs and my take aways, mostly for my own sanity.

Fat Feminism

“Women’s Studies programs — where feminism wields the authority of an official philosophy — are disproportionately dominated by radical lesbians. This hegemonic influence is not merely manifested in the fact that outspoken lesbian activists are employed as directors and professors in Women’s Studies programs everywhere…(she) described these departments as “Lesbo Recruitment 101.

Diva Mag Fat Girls

My take aways: again, less than 3% of the population steers education, propaganda, inculcation, media visuals and narrative…blatant holding onto the bullhorn and relentlessly yelling the message. Who cares if you are fat. Your body, your health. But, the purposeful indoctrination and power grid behind the scenes is ugly (will you notice I have maintained the high ground and didn’t say something obnoxious like ‘is as ugly as their…insert fat laden body part). Feminism beyond equal pay/opportunities/meet the standards is dribble.  

There, I momentarily feel better.

October 4, 2011

Progressives & Individualism

Watch Progressives Lead the Way for Change

August 28, 2011

Pay Heed to Those That Have Witnessed……

“Some years ago, I escaped from the shipwreck of the Soviet “worker’s paradise” and moved to the United States, making a conscious choice between the forced inequality of socialism and the volunteer material inequality of capitalism. I didn’t expect to be rich; I only wanted an opportunity to earn an honest income without sacrificing my dignity. I wanted the freedom to pursue my own choices and aspirations, not the ones prescribed by the state. I wanted to live in a country where my success or failure would depend on my own honest effort, not on the whim of a bureaucrat. I wanted my relations with people to be based on voluntary agreements, not mandatory requirements. And finally, I wanted my earnings to be protected by law from wanton expropriation.”     Shake Down Socialism

August 15, 2011

Philly Flash Mobs….Thuggery (Nanny’s Brood)


April 17, 2011

Battle Lines, Flanking, Subplots (Bring It~Smash It!)

Amazing things taking place, yet as if the world in slow motion. Obviously the media controls the energy, hype, worth, urgency. What BS.

Japan, the $$$, Oil, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Israel, China….on and on. Radical Islamist and Commies conspiring for what? Silence from the media….the SRM.The propaganda arm of the Left. Regrouping of how to best try for a Clinton move to center. The Marxist puppet bo moves center. Such silly shit. 

Bring it. Won’t matter what any of these prissified politicians do in office. Republican or Democrat. I  will believe it when I see it. I do know the ruckus is coming….calm before the organized, politicized storm. Slimy little thugs better bring it good. Damn duped cops better wake up.

February 17, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn & $350 Billion Waste

Sep 30, 2010 SEN. TOM COBURN, R-OKLA.: Well, it is not one percent. Senator Dorgan, and the fact is that we have got $350 billion a year in waste,

Nov 5, 2010 My office alone has identified more than $350 billion in…..

Dec 29, 2010 According to Coburn, he can name $ 350 billion off the top

Jan 22, 2011 Senator Tom Coburn on how much talk on rhetoric is too much, and the coming …. Hugh, there is so much waste. There’s at least $350 billion

Jan 25, 2011 My office alone has identified $350 billion in wasteful and

So, Republicans came up with a staggering LESS then $100 Billion in waste. Could one of the guys in a pretty pink or purple tie talk to Coburn for ideas?

December 10, 2010

Glenn Beck’s Exploding Box Concept

Been watching Beck for sometime. I like most of what he goes on about. Personal responsibility and family are worthy goals in life. Lately, his seemingly unchallenged org charts of Leftist Links has been most fascinating. How is Beck challenged and crushed for his linkages? Name calling and pressure on sponsors, which tells me he is having an impact and is spot on.

Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. Purposeful over load and chaotic infusion into our system for what purpose? To destroy it and reconstruct it to their purpose. Study the concept and understand it from outside the box (where Beck recommends you be by now) and how multi faceted the game is now. Don’t just look at one side or the media focus.

The Soros connection should raise alarm bells for anyone involved. You want some Leftist dream of mediocre equality and social justice? And, yet you ignore the elite ruling class funding the demise of capitalism. Why doesn’t that elite element give pause? Yet they exist in all economic systems don’t they.

May 11, 2010

Obama & Change

Enormous, purposeful debt and servitude…social justice, not equal justice…massive regulations; corruption…a nation subverted and willing populace looks the other way…GW had nothing on this bunch of crooks. Communists, Leninist, Maoist combined with corporate sycophants (what a dangerous combo). Not a glimmer of brains or brawn from the Republican Party….pathetic, nutted, jowly blunderers. If I never saw Mitch McConnell or Orrin Hatch again I would be blessed. Fannie & Freddie and not one damn journalist yet to tie the pieces together. No questioning of Soros’ connections to Puppet Boy Obama. It all looks very gloomy and the democratic process is in jeopardy. Faith broken. Contempt beyond a simmer. Box me, us in. The push back will be intense. You have played, no not played with, no intentionally choked, throttled and smothered my liberty. All in the name of social justice and power acquisition. Change for certain. Modern day Tammany Hall, Farley, Daley…scum ring building.

April 4, 2010

Slow Foods & The Progressive Finger Prints

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Much of the slow food concepts of  locally grown (home grown, too), safely grown is worthy and not too hard to grasp. Healthier foods, basic foods. But, with much anymore there is a linkage with causes, progressive causes, that is anti-big business or anti-capitalism. Collectivization dreams or utopian ideals of food production shade the health and simplicity of slow foods mantra. Who can argue with backyard gardens. My God, it was the norm in my city neighborhood 50 years ago. Everyone had a garden of varying sizes and definitely fruit trees. Somewhere, we gravitated away from growing our own to the super market produce.

That, I imagine, was a realization that others could do it easier, with less sweat. The joy of gardening or self sufficiency was not all it was cracked up to be for many. The fact that urban hipsters have reconnected to the joy of gardening does not negate the decisions of their parents to give up on the practice. To spend time and effort doing other pursuits they deemed worthy. Even today, I have friends that fancy themselves urban farmers. They start off well, reconnecting to the earth come April/May, but by August/September their gardens lay neglected or under harvested because of the distractions the always involved hipsters see as equally worthy.

Frankly, most of them are so involved in their own distractions, they forsake the urban farming for grocers that cater to their sense of organic or locally grown…not much different than the 1960’s decisions. So, ok less chemicals, support local farming (100 mile radius). But, finally, I get to the point…the simplest, reasonable concept has to be tainted with bigger agendas of progressive snarkism. Dancing With The Devil is a honest discussion of balancing a reasonable discussion of slow food v. agri-devils.

Just ask the French, who started a revolution for liberty, equality and fraternity but ended up exchanging one tyrant for another.

Slow Food and all the rest (free range chickens) is good. Just collective efforts to force any of it be damned. Simplicity and liberty are good.

January 19, 2010

Brown Wins (So, No Business As Usual Republicans!!!)


Great he won. Message sent to the crazed ‘progressives’ of both parties. Continue and you will be on that rail and subject to a coating. Pluck them chickens. Also, all the fringe kooks of the Right put away your snakes, bibles and hypocrisy. Liberty first! Save the thumping for later at home. No gloating. No McConnell and Steele. Blah Blah Blah…No Oblahma either. Smiling but still pissed and totally pissed off at the parties and Washinton DC sludge.


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