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May 31, 2015

Rad Fem Take Away

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I have not posted here in over a year. I frankly stopped posting because of the overwhelming negative hue that comes from realizing societal decline…I can only take so much. But, I cannot vent on the feel good friends and family on Facebook nor at my positive karma laden blog. So, I will resurrect Zipline to vent off the pressures of coming upon absurd happenings. No ground shaking, coarse altering writings here. Just reblogs and my take aways, mostly for my own sanity.

Fat Feminism

“Women’s Studies programs — where feminism wields the authority of an official philosophy — are disproportionately dominated by radical lesbians. This hegemonic influence is not merely manifested in the fact that outspoken lesbian activists are employed as directors and professors in Women’s Studies programs everywhere…(she) described these departments as “Lesbo Recruitment 101.

Diva Mag Fat Girls

My take aways: again, less than 3% of the population steers education, propaganda, inculcation, media visuals and narrative…blatant holding onto the bullhorn and relentlessly yelling the message. Who cares if you are fat. Your body, your health. But, the purposeful indoctrination and power grid behind the scenes is ugly (will you notice I have maintained the high ground and didn’t say something obnoxious like ‘is as ugly as their…insert fat laden body part). Feminism beyond equal pay/opportunities/meet the standards is dribble.  

There, I momentarily feel better.

November 11, 2010

4 Loko Dangerous Combo

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“We cannot emphasize enough the danger these drinks pose to our young people,’’ according to the letter from Ruiz and Weinberg. “A single energy drink contains the equivalent of up to four beers and three cups of coffee — an extremely potent combination of depressants and stimulants that can create a deceiving sense of sobriety leading to over-intoxication and blackouts.’’    NJ.COM more

April 4, 2010

Slow Foods & The Progressive Finger Prints

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Much of the slow food concepts of  locally grown (home grown, too), safely grown is worthy and not too hard to grasp. Healthier foods, basic foods. But, with much anymore there is a linkage with causes, progressive causes, that is anti-big business or anti-capitalism. Collectivization dreams or utopian ideals of food production shade the health and simplicity of slow foods mantra. Who can argue with backyard gardens. My God, it was the norm in my city neighborhood 50 years ago. Everyone had a garden of varying sizes and definitely fruit trees. Somewhere, we gravitated away from growing our own to the super market produce.

That, I imagine, was a realization that others could do it easier, with less sweat. The joy of gardening or self sufficiency was not all it was cracked up to be for many. The fact that urban hipsters have reconnected to the joy of gardening does not negate the decisions of their parents to give up on the practice. To spend time and effort doing other pursuits they deemed worthy. Even today, I have friends that fancy themselves urban farmers. They start off well, reconnecting to the earth come April/May, but by August/September their gardens lay neglected or under harvested because of the distractions the always involved hipsters see as equally worthy.

Frankly, most of them are so involved in their own distractions, they forsake the urban farming for grocers that cater to their sense of organic or locally grown…not much different than the 1960’s decisions. So, ok less chemicals, support local farming (100 mile radius). But, finally, I get to the point…the simplest, reasonable concept has to be tainted with bigger agendas of progressive snarkism. Dancing With The Devil is a honest discussion of balancing a reasonable discussion of slow food v. agri-devils.

Just ask the French, who started a revolution for liberty, equality and fraternity but ended up exchanging one tyrant for another.

Slow Food and all the rest (free range chickens) is good. Just collective efforts to force any of it be damned. Simplicity and liberty are good.

March 13, 2010

Military Medics & A Reality Triage

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DefenseTech is a great site to get the low down on military issues. It is a straight forward presentation of the military combat life and pulls no punches.

According to an article in the New Scientist, medical professionals are experimenting on a pill that can trick the body into thinking it’s not in shock when it really is. In other words, the drug can prevent certain mechanisms within the proteins and DNA from permanently breaking down and causing long-term damage when the victim is resuscitated.

Pixie Dust, Shock, PTSD, on and on the caustic side effects of war are challenged. Maybe not conquered, but challenged.

February 22, 2010

Oblahma: Compromising the Rejected Health Care Proposals

Relentless exposure of O…sick of the man’s arrogance. Wants Republican input and comes out in advance of that with his ‘own’ crap. Ram it thru O…his style. How about rather than a 51% ramrod legislative authority….a plan that garners 70% approval….  The Dem’s are staying with a bad, rejected plan and compromising on that. I pray this is a one term president and the public comes to understand why Oblahma and the Democrats, who proposed all this crap should be rejected. Mental manipulation by the Left or the Right is not enough. Understanding basic principles of and for Liberty  must be understood.

October 26, 2009

Ah…Hello? Obama Admin Declares N1H1 Emergency, But Not Prepared.

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Hypocrisy Alert!!! Inadequate Vaccine Production? We haven’t stopped hearing about this dreaded flu since last Spring. Why the delay in producing the vaccine? If this had been Bush, we would certainly be hearing how Bush did not care about children at risk and the immune impaired. Come on msm, hold Obama and Sebelia accountable. Good thing all those hurricanes from AGW didn’t materialize or we would have seen the same FEMA lag time as under Bush.

October 10, 2009

Swine Flu Blog (A Health Progression Toward……..?)

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October 5, 2009

Health Care Bill (Public Option, 2C (1) (a))

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September 13, 2009

Conservatism’s Response to the Environment?

greenI have recently noted that Conservatives and a good portion of the populace are rising up to show their discontent. We all know the talk show pundits and blogs aggressively argue against the Left on many levels. They talk about the threat to liberty and the culture. My mind has long ago tilted toward the negative and sometimes swung so far toward anger, contempt and ready to administer a beatdown to the next earnest, arrogant, spoiled hipster I encountered here in wierd Portland. But, my civil side, more civil than many Liberals I encounter, requires me to be respectful. Frustrating to be civil as Liberals and Marxists march us toward dependency or worse.

So, rather than be constantly against, what can I be for in addition to being on guard? What can I advocate for beyond catch phrases that seem to rapidly evolve into what I am against in the Left? One area that I believe Conservatives should own is the environmental issue or at least a portion of it. 

Climate Change, Global Warming and all leave me cold. I strongly believe it has been a means toward disrupting capitalism and slowing down the US economy, even the world economy. But, I say this carefully, maybe we should slow down. Things are so intertwined now that it seems impossible to unravel the connectedness nationally or globally. We just accept it. But, from that seems to come unacceptable forces that Conservatives should disapprove of that thwart or threaten the liberty held is such reverence by Conservatives. Large conglomerates of economic power are as dangerous as big nanny state government.

Over consumption to feed the needs, feeds the capitalist machine. Frankly, most of Americans over consume. I do. I don’t believe it is necessarily evil…just too much of a good thing.  Too much debris, too much garbage, too much, too much. We don’t need to disband the market forces to correct this as the Left would prefer.

But, how about Conservatism pushes for greatly reduced personal debt, really push for it. Individual responsibility to live with in your means. The Left pushes this and then legislates the savings into taxes to pay for programs. Conservatives should push for savings for personal comfort, an investment toward individual-family security. Not just to spend, spend, spend. How do we maintain jobs, comfortable living standards while not consuming so damn much? 

Conservatism should be of the land. Agri-Business has destroyed the sense of the family farm. The Left, at least in the NW, rejects big Agri and opts for locally grown. The ‘organic’ label is sought. Downside is the organic label greatly reduces the price…that needs to change. But, the point is why not more locally grown. Less agri produce. Family gardens. Community plots or backyard gardens that do what? Make you self sufficient. Make you healthier. That should be owned by Conservatives but isn’t.

The habitat. Seriously, again Conservatives should reign in businesses that show zero regard for local rivers, streams or the air. The immense EPA BS would have been much less required and intrusive toward liberty had Conservatives brought pressure toward their sacred  Jobs, money, consumption aside….Conservatives seem oblivious to the actual poison, filth, crap that business churns out to provide goods. Why are Conservatives so slow to grasp the balance of man and nature? Conservatives are asleep on this issue and give it over to the Left, who use it as a means for hammering away at capitalism’s evil ways. Capitalism’s selfish, oblivious, bloated ways are ignored by Conservatives…at our own risk it appears. 

So, the ubiquitous ‘green’ mantra has merit. The bigger conspiratorial intent by some on the Left should be co-opted by the Right. Again, what are the ideas Conservatives have to fix the mess created by the Left and the Right? Are we only nay sayers bent on slowing change, slowing decisions? Is that it? Or, do we have ideas beyond waiting to take advantage of the easily manipulated ‘undecideds’ every election cycle or so. I think we need to do much better and the environment is one area a voice needs to be heard.                    

September 8, 2009

Obama~Kennedy~Democide Care Like a Detached Gecko Tail?

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“PARIS (AFP) – A gecko under attack can famously discard its twitching tail to distract a predator. With a little luck, the chirping, wall-walking lizard will make a clean getaway. But what happens to the tail? The detached member continues to leap, lurch and lunge — sometimes in intricate patterns never before detected — for up to 30 minutes, according to a study….”

A curiosity for sure, how the twitching, bizarre, detached lizard tail seems still alive. How does a Regressive president and supposedly all powerful, bungling, Regressive Congress manage to mess up yet another ‘mandate’. The tail twitches and the lizard itself……

“The remarkable ability of geckos to drop tail and run has been the object of scientific scrutiny for over a century.”

Gecko (Gunther Deichmann Photography)

Gecko (Gunther Deichmann Photography)

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