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September 26, 2011

Narco Terrorism: Laredo Girl Decap


The threat is evident to U.S. border sovereignty. The threat to the threatened Mexican citizens is disheartening indeed. I use to go to Mexico several times a year. I love the people, the land, the cultural varieties. The narco terrorists must be stopped. The closeness of such violence should scare the pants off Americans. What if’s should give one pause, should this violence cross the border, beyond what already takes place.

No gruesome pictures…plenty of decap pics by Mexican Narco Terrorist on Google Images

Americans your drug consumption is helping cause this violence. Don’t disassociate yourselves from this horrific crime. Of course, you would never receive the message because you are too busy seeking the next bit of tar, blanca, zip etc etc etc. 


August 29, 2011

Mexico Tipped Over in Narco Hell

“Jorge Carrillo Olea, founder of Mexico’s leading intelligence center, said the “state has lost territorial control, and therefore governability,” over roughly 50 percent of the country…..Carrillo, who in 1989 founded the Center for Research and National Security, or Cisen, a civil entity overseen by the interior ministry, said Mexico’s crime and public safety problems will last for decades because the society has “reached a point of no return.” BORDER



Narco Arrogance

I use to go to Mexico twice a year as the typical coastal tourist. I ventured in a bit here and there, which took not much effort, maybe a few blocks, to visit colonias and get some experiences beyond the beach front. I had many wonderful encounters in people’s homes and will never forget the hospitality. Now, I am frankly hesitant to venture south of the border. I have friends who have gone south and had bad experiences with dangerous encounters involving their wife and daughters. Too bad. I know the same thing could happen in any major metro area in the U.S. but I did not go to some beach in the U.S., I went for the charm and perceived innocence of a Mexican resort or somewhere away from the resorts. A loss to be sure. I am glad I had the experiences I had way back when and am sorry the country has descended into terrorism….good job to the U.S. drug addicted!

August 28, 2011

Taking on the Islamic Thugs and Worse

At least there are a few brave, non-PC souls out there taking on the crazy minority of Islam…obviously the majority of Islam doesn’t dare say anything…..


January 24, 2011

Narco Trafficantes Mierda ~ Borderline Beat

Excelente presentación de informes sobre las organizaciones de narcotraficantes mexicanos



Jesus Malverde, Sinaloan Patron Saint

I recall 23 years ago chasing Sinaloans in Portland, Oregon. Once the door came off the hinges, one would often find a picture of Jesus Malverde or a small statuette. I have a small picture somewhere of Jesus, I relieved off some Culiacan Cowboy. All these years later, the Cartels still compete. It is only a matter of time until the now and then homicide here gives way to mass executions. It was considered bad form to kill here years ago. You paid back at the rancho, not here because a homicide investigation provided not just the details of the murder, but familial links….gold for me when I worked with a MDTO Task Force…putting the links together…looking back down the pipeline.

January 17, 2011

Zipline’s Final Oath

I have grown weary of the daily lies and manipulations by all sides. Truth, as I see it, is obscured and nearly smothered by power hungry factions that bully the realities into hiding. I have had enough.

I have my stores amply supplied. I have vowed to take care of and support all whom I love and protect. I will take care to treat my fellow man with respect and courtesy until they show me otherwise. I will not be naive about the intent of the Left or the gluttony of the RINO’s. ‘Don’t tread on me’ seems appropriate to my mood.

I am done with politics and the constant lies and petty manipulations. I will be all I can be to those that are in my sphere and come into my sphere. But, I will not suffer fools that sacrifice liberty for weak comfort.

For those that continue the good fight….bless you! If I come back to this grind it will be for outrageous expressions. I think my soul would be better served less outraged and diverted away from these follies of American politics and media.

December 10, 2010

Glenn Beck’s Exploding Box Concept

Been watching Beck for sometime. I like most of what he goes on about. Personal responsibility and family are worthy goals in life. Lately, his seemingly unchallenged org charts of Leftist Links has been most fascinating. How is Beck challenged and crushed for his linkages? Name calling and pressure on sponsors, which tells me he is having an impact and is spot on.

Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. Purposeful over load and chaotic infusion into our system for what purpose? To destroy it and reconstruct it to their purpose. Study the concept and understand it from outside the box (where Beck recommends you be by now) and how multi faceted the game is now. Don’t just look at one side or the media focus.

The Soros connection should raise alarm bells for anyone involved. You want some Leftist dream of mediocre equality and social justice? And, yet you ignore the elite ruling class funding the demise of capitalism. Why doesn’t that elite element give pause? Yet they exist in all economic systems don’t they.

December 4, 2010

Pawn of Social Justice or Defender of Liberty?

Don’t be played into class envy, political correctness or to the tit of the Nanny. Recognize if you are slowly, incrementally being swayed into class envy. Are you able to care for yourself and your family? Are you sitting on your ass, unemployed? Are you bitter? Are you angry? Angry at who? Banks, business, the rich? Wake up and look about you. How do you know what you know? Are you a pawn to the mantra’s of the Left? Wake up and become independent. Defend liberty and not the progressive’s social justice BS. All that does is create envy, class envy. And, make you mentally dependent….then physically dependent upon the State. Are you a robot? Group thinker?

December 1, 2010

Hermila Garcia (Mexico Police Chief Murdered)

She took the post amidst threats and almost certain efforts to kill her. And they, the Cartel Putas, did just that. Dead in Meoqui, Chihuahua.

And the death count continues just South of the border. Mass graves. Government leaders assassinated. Police chiefs beheaded. Y silencio del Norte. What is it…2,000 homicides in Ciudad Juarez this year?

Hermila Garcia

November 27, 2010

Oregon & The Jihadist (Allahu Akhkbar, Your Sorry Ass!)

I recently posted over on SwittersB & Fly Fishing re a random pic I took a few weeks back and posted yesterday. I remarked about tree lighting ceremony to be held that evening at the Pioneer Courthouse Square. Little would I have thought some Somalian  born jihadist piece of mierda would attempt to blow up the celebrants at the square. Keep Portland Weird. Always the celebrated independent mantra of the Progressives, freaks and pioneers of Portland. In this case, another example of some freak from Somalia and his BS Islamic death wish. Thanks to the FBI, the SOB (Mohamed Osman Mohamud), was interrupted. Oh, and stop calling the terrorist a ‘teen’. News piece

Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Oregon (SwittersB)

“The affidavit said Mohamud was warned several times about the seriousness of his plan, that women and children could be killed, and that he could back out, but he told agents: “Since I was 15 I thought about all this;” and “It’s gonna be a fireworks show … a spectacular show.”

October 13, 2010

Two Sleazy Events (Mexico & US)

Mexican Police Commander investigating murder of Mr. Hartley on Texas/Mexican border decapitated.

Dem’s Axelrod and Obama float foreign money involved in financing Tea Party. Now Dem’s seeking quick tax investigations into groups financing Tea Party. May I suggest they start with

SOROS, or shut up…no October Surprises; you’re desperately grasping.