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March 18, 2014

U.S. Foreign Policy

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October 8, 2011

50+ Years of Welfare Spending & Military Gluttony

 Dave Manuel 

Despite this government largesse, 37 million Americans continue to live in poverty. In fact, despite nearly $9 trillion in total welfare spending since Lyndon Johnson declared War on Poverty in 1964, the poverty rate is perilously close to where it was when we began, more than 40 years ago. Cato Institute

Wars and Repairs from Carter/Clinton

Dave Manuel re Historical Military Spending (Additional stats)

Obscene spending, whether for creating a welfare dependency apparatus or over kill, so to speak, defense spending. It is all ridiculous and MUST STOP. Foreign aid, military/police intervention,  job & political bureaucracy security.  Both parties are married to a history of growth and both own the tumor. Debt, who holds the debt, welfare dependency, military bloat. Shame!

April 17, 2011

Battle Lines, Flanking, Subplots (Bring It~Smash It!)

Amazing things taking place, yet as if the world in slow motion. Obviously the media controls the energy, hype, worth, urgency. What BS.

Japan, the $$$, Oil, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Israel, China….on and on. Radical Islamist and Commies conspiring for what? Silence from the media….the SRM.The propaganda arm of the Left. Regrouping of how to best try for a Clinton move to center. The Marxist puppet bo moves center. Such silly shit. 

Bring it. Won’t matter what any of these prissified politicians do in office. Republican or Democrat. I  will believe it when I see it. I do know the ruckus is coming….calm before the organized, politicized storm. Slimy little thugs better bring it good. Damn duped cops better wake up.

February 21, 2011

Democrats ‘Punt’ & Run

Obama overcome by the usual election strategies, ignores his responsibilities re the budget and cuts. He will leave it to the reticent Repub’s to do the right thing. He will hope the cuts will elicit the crap mouth responses like in Wisconsin or Greece. Cowardly decision making….as cowardly as the Dem’s in Wisconsin that run across state lines. How damn pathetic is that? Disgusting and unprincipled.

February 17, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn & $350 Billion Waste

Sep 30, 2010 SEN. TOM COBURN, R-OKLA.: Well, it is not one percent. Senator Dorgan, and the fact is that we have got $350 billion a year in waste,

Nov 5, 2010 My office alone has identified more than $350 billion in…..

Dec 29, 2010 According to Coburn, he can name $ 350 billion off the top

Jan 22, 2011 Senator Tom Coburn on how much talk on rhetoric is too much, and the coming …. Hugh, there is so much waste. There’s at least $350 billion

Jan 25, 2011 My office alone has identified $350 billion in wasteful and

So, Republicans came up with a staggering LESS then $100 Billion in waste. Could one of the guys in a pretty pink or purple tie talk to Coburn for ideas?

January 24, 2011

Rip Van Winkle & I Woke Up With a Headache

Rip Van Winkle awakens from an escape, a respite to notice the labels change, the propaganda modifications take place but nothing changes. A Big Government Progressive President re-works his image and is as phony as ever. What a putz. A dangerous putz!

The Republicans talk a good game but are divided over cuts. They will lose their momentum. What a ridiculous process unfolds. Meanwhile, we sink into the spending-debt abyss. The tax cut exemption adds some boost to the numbers, but too little too late? Creating jobs will not be more green jobs BS. Cut corporate tax rates; cut into Medicare, Social Security, Military numbers. Do it!  Gas prices? Hello!

Oh, why the hell are we paying the legal fees for that SOB Franklin Raines. What the hell! Where is the outrage over that abuse?

January 17, 2011

Zipline’s Final Oath

I have grown weary of the daily lies and manipulations by all sides. Truth, as I see it, is obscured and nearly smothered by power hungry factions that bully the realities into hiding. I have had enough.

I have my stores amply supplied. I have vowed to take care of and support all whom I love and protect. I will take care to treat my fellow man with respect and courtesy until they show me otherwise. I will not be naive about the intent of the Left or the gluttony of the RINO’s. ‘Don’t tread on me’ seems appropriate to my mood.

I am done with politics and the constant lies and petty manipulations. I will be all I can be to those that are in my sphere and come into my sphere. But, I will not suffer fools that sacrifice liberty for weak comfort.

For those that continue the good fight….bless you! If I come back to this grind it will be for outrageous expressions. I think my soul would be better served less outraged and diverted away from these follies of American politics and media.

January 5, 2011

Congressional Confrontion

The confrontation better be coming. A confrontation between RINO’s and Tea Party; a confrontation between Conservatives and Progressives. Spending drunk v. Making hard, painful decisions. Business as usual? No blinking now. Reality check.

The Leftist ‘aggravators’ are looking for the hard decisions to promote civil unrest. Riots, demonstrations, system overload, rising prices. Do you have the fortitude to see it through while those provocateurs are inciting rebellion? Are you stout enough to explain what is playing out and turn the tide against the ‘incitors’? We’re watching.

December 4, 2010

Pawn of Social Justice or Defender of Liberty?

Don’t be played into class envy, political correctness or to the tit of the Nanny. Recognize if you are slowly, incrementally being swayed into class envy. Are you able to care for yourself and your family? Are you sitting on your ass, unemployed? Are you bitter? Are you angry? Angry at who? Banks, business, the rich? Wake up and look about you. How do you know what you know? Are you a pawn to the mantra’s of the Left? Wake up and become independent. Defend liberty and not the progressive’s social justice BS. All that does is create envy, class envy. And, make you mentally dependent….then physically dependent upon the State. Are you a robot? Group thinker?

October 22, 2010

NPR: Shame On You! Bending Over to CAIR

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Obviously the elitist NPR could not handle the gentleman, Juan Williams being on FOX News.

A reasonable debate or discussion does not honest feelings and discussions of how we get there and get out of there.

No diversity of thought for NPR or CAIR….interesting bedfellows…Leftists elitist + theo-thugs?

Their diversity of thought?

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