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August 15, 2012

Stop Voter’s Fraud


Simple: stop voter fraud! ID a must. Don’t have your ID you don’t vote. NO ID you don’t drive, fly, cash a check, receive medical attention, buy a gun, ammo, etc. NO ID you don’t vote. ID readily available. No excuses. No dead people voting, no double voting. No dirty Chicago style politics in our elections. No illegals voting punto! Where is the media on this? 


October 6, 2011

Fast & Furious: Come On Folks……….

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Come on! Cover Up re Fast & Furious all the way to White House and in Justice. Holder lies and nothing comes of this? I hope the family of the slain Border Patrol agent are aggressive in some form of legal grievance against the misguided leadership. Botched concept and now the lies. Hope and Change huh?

September 16, 2011

Crony Capitalist/Socialist/Marxist

With the new mismanagement of ‘green’ dollars (Solyndra) is evident Obama and his Cronies have varied interests in making this green concept work. Somewhere either via GE or some other entrepreneur there is a corrupt smell to this administration. The recent GPS scandal is yet another example of Obama Cronyism. 

The Leftist Apology Machine, like Media Matters, makes excuse,s ad nauseam, and as usual point back to Republican corruption/cronyism. That is fair. It is all corrupt and Obama is no different.

It is mentioned how can Obama be either the corrupt Capitalist or the corrupt Socialist? Seriously? Corrupt leaders exist in all manner of economic/political systems. The corrupt Marxist officials in the USSR had their cars, dacha’s and fine vodka plus special accounts. The corruption is just grander for the Obama schemers.

Why would Obama had a Green Czar named Van Jones? Doesn’t that seem odd? Yes

September 15, 2011

Obama’s Decline ‘Rock Bottom’

Life for most of us distracts, hopefully so, from the daily onslaught of bad news. Also, the beginning of the 2012 race gives me early indications of a headache. Somehow through the demoralizing news Obama holds onto 40% of the populace that thinks he is doing just fine.

A loyal 40% given his philosophies, positions? 40% of loyal adherents to what? The purposeful overload of our system? This is frightening to consider. Solyndra is out there and let’s see if the 40% care like they would if it were Bush.

Whether we are in a second recession or close to the tipping point, this President and his brethren in Congress are either the biggest bunch of corrupt cronies or the most incompetent. I believe it is a combination of forces: crooks so busy with graft from green BS spoils that they are not in tune with the realities beyond polls and the next election.

Meantime, the forces that want this system to collapse are in play also.

So, with that in play I retreat to my world: Hoarding Woes & You
and SwittersB & Fly Fishing . I also work full time as a Operations Manager. I have mentally turned my back on so much that is going on right now for personal reasons and a lack of trust anymore in the system.


August 29, 2011

Mexico Tipped Over in Narco Hell

“Jorge Carrillo Olea, founder of Mexico’s leading intelligence center, said the “state has lost territorial control, and therefore governability,” over roughly 50 percent of the country…..Carrillo, who in 1989 founded the Center for Research and National Security, or Cisen, a civil entity overseen by the interior ministry, said Mexico’s crime and public safety problems will last for decades because the society has “reached a point of no return.” BORDER



Narco Arrogance

I use to go to Mexico twice a year as the typical coastal tourist. I ventured in a bit here and there, which took not much effort, maybe a few blocks, to visit colonias and get some experiences beyond the beach front. I had many wonderful encounters in people’s homes and will never forget the hospitality. Now, I am frankly hesitant to venture south of the border. I have friends who have gone south and had bad experiences with dangerous encounters involving their wife and daughters. Too bad. I know the same thing could happen in any major metro area in the U.S. but I did not go to some beach in the U.S., I went for the charm and perceived innocence of a Mexican resort or somewhere away from the resorts. A loss to be sure. I am glad I had the experiences I had way back when and am sorry the country has descended into terrorism….good job to the U.S. drug addicted!

June 25, 2011

Individual Liberty and Responsibility to Others….Or, Nanny?

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

April 17, 2011

Battle Lines, Flanking, Subplots (Bring It~Smash It!)

Amazing things taking place, yet as if the world in slow motion. Obviously the media controls the energy, hype, worth, urgency. What BS.

Japan, the $$$, Oil, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Israel, China….on and on. Radical Islamist and Commies conspiring for what? Silence from the media….the SRM.The propaganda arm of the Left. Regrouping of how to best try for a Clinton move to center. The Marxist puppet bo moves center. Such silly shit. 

Bring it. Won’t matter what any of these prissified politicians do in office. Republican or Democrat. I  will believe it when I see it. I do know the ruckus is coming….calm before the organized, politicized storm. Slimy little thugs better bring it good. Damn duped cops better wake up.

April 9, 2011

Police & Fire Fighters Are Dupes

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Over the years, I have often wondered how given the values and social demise the Dem’s cause…how could cops and firemen align their selves with Dem’s and rabble rousing unions. Oh I get benefits etc. But, today the obvious nature of the union’s intent is concerning and there are the cops and fire fighters in the throngs with leftist agitators and spoiled public workers.

I was one, so save your venom. I have seen first hand the sense of entitlement. Gluttony with no sense of responsibility. Shame on the duped…for I think they do know and don’t care. Caution to the police working so carelessly with agitators that seek the destruction of our system…caution…you are armed. You will have a choice to make some day in a collapse. Caught up in the chaos and dealing, you may not see the causes only the chaos and criminality. Remember the law-abiding citizen…the armed citizen. Don’t let anyone turn you against the law-abiding, armed citizen. (more…)

March 27, 2011

Obama/Holder & the MDTO’s & Violence


Is this yet another sign of the incompetence of the Obama Administration? Something more corrupt?

February 17, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn & $350 Billion Waste

Sep 30, 2010 SEN. TOM COBURN, R-OKLA.: Well, it is not one percent. Senator Dorgan, and the fact is that we have got $350 billion a year in waste,

Nov 5, 2010 My office alone has identified more than $350 billion in…..

Dec 29, 2010 According to Coburn, he can name $ 350 billion off the top

Jan 22, 2011 Senator Tom Coburn on how much talk on rhetoric is too much, and the coming …. Hugh, there is so much waste. There’s at least $350 billion

Jan 25, 2011 My office alone has identified $350 billion in wasteful and

So, Republicans came up with a staggering LESS then $100 Billion in waste. Could one of the guys in a pretty pink or purple tie talk to Coburn for ideas?

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