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About Zip (A Right Wing Extremist, I Guess)


 Zipline was created to hopefully vent off frustration, even anger at the Leftist PC Police, the msm bias and hypocritical Republican RINO’s.

My family and friends have grown weary of my statements that grow into lectures, complete with verbal explanations and lengthy admonitions. I grow weary of them. But, I must do something. I feel anger and frustrations. The writing helps and I learn a great deal from fellow bloggers.

Just like philosophical adversaries, I feel a lot is at stake. To me, it is Individual Liberty and being forced by the government to abide by dictates requiring group think pisses me off. I resist ‘group’ unless it is in defense of ‘community’  in response to a disaster. Otherwise, it is not in me. I look about and see how easily non-violent compliance is sold to the masses and then how easily the government feels able to use force for the greater good.

neanderthal-woman-xSo, without being the paranoid, I fear the government of good intentions. I fear the populace of good intentions. I fear the Left and the Religious Right. And, I detest the media…a propaganda arm of the Left. I don’t have patience for greed and accommodating RINO Republicans, more concerned about their ‘good friends’ across the aisle. Civility yes, but principles first. Stop compromising principles!

My conservatism was borne out of reading Goldwater, Buckley and Reagan. I did not imagine varying degrees of conservatism and still am sorting that out. Paleo, Neo, Lib, Traditional. My benchmarks have to be free market, liberty, fiscal restraint, civility, freedom, and the Constitution. Order, Religion, Nationalism are important to me, but are risky concepts. Wrapping oneself in the flag is admirable at times. word_spew2Obama and his ilk are wrong headed and using techniques beyond polling data, strategist and a Rove like character. They are steering us against our will…  And, we are following like sheep…like they have done in countless places until force was required…absurd you say? Less absurd than Chem Trails, 9-11 Truthers and other Leftist conspiracies… Too much is of a group dynamic. Majority rule has become the threat of manipulated mob rule and the mob appears pretty damn dumb to me. I am fearful we have devolved down so many twists and turns of philosophies gone bad that we will never realize a proper course or goal to steer toward. I seek clearer, cleaner truths.



  1. As a former Republican voter who has recently voted for Dems out of disgust at the direction the country has gone in the name of conservatism, I find the labels to have lost much of their meaning. The last democratic administration left us with a surplus, while the past eight years of republican rule has been a time of unbridled spending for porkbarrel projects, a needless, immoral war and a president who has no intellectual curiosity and would have been anathema to the traditional republican party that stood for intellectual rigor, principled argument and fiscal conservatism.

    Comment by Vorpalhead — November 29, 2008 @ 6:52 AM | Reply

  2. Dear Vorpalhead
    You are exactly right. However, you will not find the principles you seek in the Democrat Party. The country was not run amok by Conservatism, but rather by Moderates and Neo’s that did abandon the principles you so prize. Your surplus was not with Clinton but rather Newt. You can never compare pork between these two parties…they are both reprehensible. The war will forever be debated and I wonder if any of us know the truth….I do agree we should not be attempting, however seemingly noble, to spread Democracy. I am sure you will be equally vigilant as O talks tough re Pakinstan/Afghanistan (the good war?). Please study the Neo-Consevative lable. Their origins should give you pause. I agree, principles were abandoned and true change must come. I wish you luck monitoring what is about to happen via your choice….best wishes.

    Comment by swittersb — November 29, 2008 @ 8:55 AM | Reply

  3. Bloated RINOs: my thoughts exactly!
    Check out this petition I started after the election because I think it was RINOs that sabotaged the Conservative movement from the inside and ushered in Obama.

    No more RINOs!

    Comment by Kathryn — December 16, 2008 @ 8:13 PM | Reply

  4. Wow, Vorpalhead, do you now work for the mainstream media because you sure bought their lies! With a little reseach you can find the truth and it will set you free from the Dem trance!!

    Comment by TSK — February 10, 2009 @ 5:35 PM | Reply

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