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August 13, 2012

Infrequent Thoughts by a Zoned Out Conservative

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Well the Paul Ryan VP pick seems refreshing enough. He seems like a straight shooter and if Wyden had the wisdom to sit down and work with Ryan on economic issues than it speaks to Ryan’s affability and ability to work with others. Of course, Wyden wimped out when pressed.

I have never been more disgusted with the Left than at this point in my life. All of it joins together in one big swirl of a sewage treatment plant. Disgusting rhetoric. Disgusting ads. 

The old line Republican Party is not much better. So fed up with the image Republicans have carved out for themselves. Fed up with Religious Right and Left for that matter. Foolish and clueless.

So, it will be relentless class warfare and fear mongering ahead. No record to run on except fabrications and the aid of media lapdogs…the Obama Admin is a symbol of behind the scenes ruination and up front policy failures. Purposely laying the framework for more governmental power and purposeful pushing the system to falter if not fail. Intended consequences….Nanny steps in to ‘help’. 

Not sure I can work up any enthusiasm anymore. Feeling mentally withdrawn to the charade from both sides.


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