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March 22, 2012

Citizen Involvement Disgust

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This never ending campaign cycle for Boy Wonder and the Republicans is uninspiring. Whether I am still burned out from last time and/or totally fed up with the offerings is unimportant. None of it registers. A bad thing in my estimation. In no direction that I look do I see anything to be inspired or happy about save my own family and friends.

The blessing is in that isn’t it? I have never been one to invest in any of these people. I realize their frailties and the game, the process. So, for now, for good….I turn inward. I won’t over obsess about buying gold, peanut butter and ammo, but I am prepared mentally and materially. 

The process is broken. Representative government, the Republic is broken. Executive power (regulatory powers/executive powers) are becoming obscene. If this is the best my country has to offer right now then I am not interested. Show something different before it is too late. Oh, and before you tell me to get involved, to serve, to invest…I have…screw it.


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