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December 20, 2011

OMG! Seriously? Tis the Season

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Tis the season. I will keep that in mind and keep my mind/heart/soul open to  the good words, the good deeds, the good intentions of others and within myself.

There is little to be happy with on the political front. To me, it all looks bleak: Romney, Gingrich, Paul…seriously, is that the best the Right can do? How disappointing. The whole field leaves me cold. The consequences of this pathetic field begs the possibility of that Marxist, manipulative s.o.b. winning a second term and driving us off the cliff. Oh, Sarah Palin….go away please!

What would an economic collapse look like for us in the U.S.? I don’t want to run about buying food supplies, ammo and stash cash or gold. But, there is a disconnect in the media. It is like we are staring at the reality, but don’t recognize it. 

Congress, Obama, betting on elections, media, the Occupy idiots (99% my ass), it all seems bleak right now. Uninspired. I will turn toward mine. Tis the Season, but a pissed off mood sets right below the surface. Enough of these useful idiots……….



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