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November 12, 2011

Ed Spaulding Jabs Obama, ACORN et al…..

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Ed Spaulding drops by now and then with some gems of  governmental debauchery. Read it and while you reaffirm how messed up the Dem’s are also don’t take your eyes off the Republican RINO’s and Neo’s…who, have a penchant for big government for other intents. Lust for Power and the Gluttony that follows.

Pencil Drawing of Lust and Gluttony by Niva @

“In 2008, the year Obama was elected, Fannie Mae contributed hundreds of thoudands of dollars to a group known as ACORN . Cries of voter fraud still echo in my ears, Barak Obama, a one time community organizer for ACORN, was said to have stole the election through the voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN through fake voter registrations

Congress passed four separate appropriations bills that contained language blocking federal funds from flowing to ACORN.. All four of the laws prevent ACORN and its affiliated groups from receiving federal taxpayer dollars.

ACORN secretly wrote law that caused the Fannie Mae meltdown.

According to an affordable housing advocate familiar with what transpired at the meetings, ACORN and other housing groups were “informally deputized” (Black Box Casino, page 42) in 1992 to write key parts of new legislation by former House Banking Committee Chairman Henry Gonzalez, a Texas Democrat. (Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2011 6:12:34 AM by WashingtonSource)
The Federal Housing and Enterprises Safety and Soundness Act of 1992, or as it also known, the GSE Act. Fannie and Freddie are government-sponsored enterprises.

There is WAY more to this than meets the eye. Follow the money.

More interesting facts……..

The anti-American pro-Leninist Democratic campaign is relyng on four major components to change a free republic which thrives on capitolism into a Marxist regime.

Senate roadblocks for any bills delivered from the House of Representatives that deal with the economy. If the Obama administration can make the public believe that Congress is not cooperating, he simply creates executive orders that are designed to get him re-elected for four more years. Obama cares little for the US Constitution or Rule of Law! .

~ The Dream Act…amnesty for illegals that give Obama a large voting block for his 2012 re-election.
~ Blocking oil drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to prevent America from becoming energy secure.
~ American guns to Mexican cartels (Justice Department involvement) with the ultimate goal of striking down the
second Amendment,( the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.)
~ACORN—taxpayers ultimately paying to re-elect Obama through ACORN and their illegal and unethical practices.
~The use of left wing media.

The democrats would liken the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Tea Partiers. Just the opposite in fact! The reason the occupiers are allowed the freedom to have their demonstrations dispite the lawlessness among many of the camps, is that the detruction of capitolism is a real possibilty, it assists the goal of the destruction of Capitolism. Even the Ayatollah stated as much! (Ayatollah: Wall St. protests toppling capitalism – CBS

This is way bigger than meets the eye………follow the mortgage, the man, and the money.

More Interesting Facts

I am replying with the following article. Very, very informative.

Four Major Components Of Democrat Campaign Strategy: Senate Roadblock, Illegal Executive Orders, Acorn, Leftwing Media Diversions
by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.
The anti-American pro-Leninist Democrat campaign is now in full swing like a locomotive at breakneck speed. The strategy is simple but composed of major players all of whom are guilty of subverting the Constitution and rule of law to enable them to complete their ‘fundamental transformation’ of America from a free republic which thrives on capitalism to a Marxist regime in which a NON-American narcissist remains in charge to carry the transformation across the goal line.
The big picture for anti-American elites and their parasites—public unions, socialist- indoctrinated young people, and special interest groups—is to do anything necessary to complete their destruction of America including reinterpretation of the U. S. Constitution. There are at least four major initiatives.
First, Harry Reid and his allies in the U.S. Senate have set up a roadblock for passing any significant legislation despite numerous bills arriving from the House of Representatives which address the economy. This is designed to create the illusion that Congress is not working with Obama and thereby gives HIM an excuse to enact through executive order various initiatives which are designed solely to get him re-elected for four more disastrous years.
He has resorted to executive actions which are unconstitutional; these include but are not limited to: the DREAM ACT of amnesty for illegal immigrants designed to increase Democrat voting roles in 2012; blockade of drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to prevent America from becoming energy secure; conducting illegal projects through the Department of Justice to give American guns to Mexican cartels with the ultimate goal that the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms for self-defense be struck down. The list goes on.
Simultaneous is Obama’s ongoing election campaign on taxpayer dollars instead of responsible governing, while financing the remnants of corrupt ACORN which now has operations in most major U.S. cities (Project Vote). Their goal is to expand the Democrat voting bloc with fraudulent names including illegals, convicted felons, the dead, those too young to vote, and non-existent people.
The critical fourth component is the Leftwing media who play perhaps the most important role in the election process. Their tactics are numerous but include distractions from Obama’s and the socialist Democrats’ track record of American destruction; a blitz of lies regarding GOP and Independent opponents; and selective reporting and distortions of manufactured crises such as the Occupy Wall Street protests.
Obama’s and the Democrats’ track record of disaster is based upon a combination of their ignorance and their fundamental desire to convert America into a ruling class of wealthy all-powerful elitists and a single class of serfs, effectively wiping out the middle class which has historically been the economic engine of America and the protector of our freedoms. The Democrats in the Senate are singlehandedly responsible for not presenting an annual Federal budget for more almost three years, thereby giving themselves permission to spend America into a debt crisis with nothing to show for it. Their burdensome policies of business overregulation, Obamacare, and excessive taxation have resulted in the highest prolonged unemployment rate since the Great Depression.
The House has passed legislation addressing business overregulation and taxation to the Senate which refuses to act. Meanwhile the anti-capitalist Obama administration wants to continue its devastating overspending financed in part by increased taxation of producers while granting waivers for Obamacare participation to his union supporters and personal supporters. The ‘super committee’ of twelve whose goal it is to reduce the Federal deficit will achieve no meaningful solutions since half of its members are entrenched socialists and the other half are capitalists—Republicans want to cut Federal spending without raising taxes and the Democrats have no desire to cut Fedzilla’s spending for fear of not getting reelected by their government-dependent constituents. Another downgrade of the U.S. debt can be expected soon.
Perhaps the most recent and explicit example of the Leftwing media to falsely discredit its opponents is the 24/7 television coverage of patriot-businessman Herman Cain who clearly presents a major threat to Obama’s re-election. Cain is despised by the Left for he represents a black American conservative who has successfully run and turned around numerous businesses and has a common sense approach to problem-solving. Obama has none of these credentials but the Leftwing media want to divert voters’ attention away from that, and so they bash Herman Cain with truly insignificant accusations by unknown individuals based upon alleged politically incorrect COMMENTS he may have made decades ago, while looking the other way on Bill Clinton’s Oval Office sexual acts and even more importantly diverting attention away from issues much more critical to our national survival which have been discussed ad nausem in my commentaries and need not be repeated here. Suffice it to say any GOP candidate running today can literally save our nation from the ongoing disaster engineered by the socialist elite under anti-American Obama.”

If Gloria Allred is involved it is a political whack job.


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