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September 26, 2011

Narco Terrorism: Laredo Girl Decap


The threat is evident to U.S. border sovereignty. The threat to the threatened Mexican citizens is disheartening indeed. I use to go to Mexico several times a year. I love the people, the land, the cultural varieties. The narco terrorists must be stopped. The closeness of such violence should scare the pants off Americans. What if’s should give one pause, should this violence cross the border, beyond what already takes place.

No gruesome pictures…plenty of decap pics by Mexican Narco Terrorist on Google Images

Americans your drug consumption is helping cause this violence. Don’t disassociate yourselves from this horrific crime. Of course, you would never receive the message because you are too busy seeking the next bit of tar, blanca, zip etc etc etc. 

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  1. The criminal branches of Narco terrorists continues to spread. Not being content with silencing the mainstream media, they have penetrated another layer of the fabric of freedom in Mexico by going after the bloggers and chatters who bravely try to fulfill the role that the media have abandoned. To diversify the sources of their bloody cash, extortion of teachers and other professionals and workers in Mexico is now threatening to disrupt the legitimate economy in the country and the way of life of ordinary Mexicans. How bad can it get? Only time will tell but it is clearly beyond the ability of the non-corrupt parts of the Mexican government to win this war. While the US chases after a severely weakened band of terrorists on the other side of the world, a far more serious threat exists right in our backyard, and American drug users are the prime enablers of this terrorism.

    Comment by jwawker — September 28, 2011 @ 1:20 PM | Reply

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