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August 28, 2011

Odd Swastika in movie “Twentieth Century”

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I was whiling away the time today, watching movies on the TCM network. It was Carole Lombard day. Amongst the movies was a 1934 movie entitled Twentieth Century. In the movie there is a scene, in Chicago. The playhouse is being foreclosed upon and stage props are being carried out. A series of lines are exchanged between two characters with the theater door open. There is a swastika in prominent view…in 1934. Now I know the swastika has a long history that has nothing to do with the Nazi’s Socialist Party. But, it was interesting to see.

So, a few hours later, I am again watching Carole Lombard and Jack Benny in a 1942 Nazi spoof ‘To Be or Not To Be’ and as one would expect there were plenty of Swastika’s and Nazi’s. What the heck does this have to do  with anything?

Nazi swastika !

    • Hannah B Fischthal
    • 6/14/09
 “Interspersed with Barrymore’s great comic scenes are very disturbing anti-semitic images. About 36 minutes into the film, you can see a Nazi swastika on the right-hand side for quite a few seconds. Add that to the comment made just before it that Max Jacobs used to be Max Mandelbaum. Jacobs is the only one having lots of money. In his last scene, he has a profile that shows a grotesquely huge nose, similar to “Jewish noses” used in Nazi propaganda films. Note the film was made in 1934, when Hitler was in power.”
Well, I did a bit of looking and this lady noticed it also. It is odd that there is indeed a scene in which Barrymore cans his Director, Max Jacobs and does make a crack about him changing his name from Max Mandelbaum and asks what was up with that? Hmm? Maybe, I don’t know, but maybe it was the director’s effort at a joke or something more sinister, as Hannah alleges? The swastika was first adopted in 1932 by the Nazi’s. The symbol has a long history as a good luck sign, long before the Nazi’s adopted it.

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