Zipline Conservative

June 7, 2011

Weinergate: Arrogant Perv’s Distracting Wanger

Pathetic, as all of the self righteous perv’s in politics are, re of party. All the BS prior to coming forward to say yes it was his weiner. Of course, he doesn’t understand the concept of ethics. Oh, Nancy will see that nothing comes of it after a long, drawn out ethic hearing. Whatever…..

Meantime, the Middle East percolates away. The economy descends further to second class status as Wonder Boy invests in the future for our servitude to Nanny. All of Obama’s economic advisors have bailed! Huh? The Republican put forth more mediocrity for 2012. And our soldiers die in Iraq. Oh, Libya? Israel? Or the Rashid Khalidi and Obama connection (I wrote about Obama’s questionable contacts in October/November 2008 just prior to the election).


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