Zipline Conservative

June 6, 2011

Pelosi Blames Republicans: Same Ol’ Blame Game

Pelosi shut the hell up! The sooner this twit fades into the political graveyard the better. Of course, she has amassed wealth during these terrible economic times through sweetheart dealings. No questions asked of that.

Sarah Palin: said it before, say it again….get off the bus! Go up and fish with hubby. Leave us alone. You sound like a shrill, annoying (plug in your own annoying noun). Please stop. You are a non-helpful distraction; a Trump of sorts. That said the rest of the field is not inspiring either.

Oh, the economy: ALL indicators are down. “Have added 2 million jobs” is BS! “Investing in the future” is equally absurd. You have failed this country with your stimulus spending and blame game. The reality of potential status downgrades and debt distribution abroad is frightening. The boy wonder is a campaigner, organizer with pom poms. Nothing more than a speech whore with an oversized ego….   STOP THE BLAME GAME; CLASS ENVY; SCARE TACTICS!!!!

Kudos to Ryan et al for standing up and taking the lead on our debt load.  



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