Zipline Conservative

May 5, 2011

UBL, Obama & the Media

Media saturation over every nuance of the UBL kill ops: tiresome, silly, a reflection of our news addiction from Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, to what was UBL’s wife wearing during the takedown? Who cares!

Obama the calculator. Would be fine to go to Ground Zero if it was not totally a political move. He does nothing by chance. Bush was a bumbler, but more real than this totally managed human. What is real from this man? Is there anything real? I have yet to see anything real but petulance and arrogance. The rest is tiresome reading and lectures. Where is the man who remarked about “58 states”? A true W moment for O. Even his talk down to us in his casual mode is fake and condescending. Such a poser.

Yet this administration does look bumbling in the aftermath of the UBL incident. Very poor release of info for all the managed appearances.

Months in the planning, the ops still required Wonder Boy to weigh the decision for 16 hours before pulling the trigger? Really? 

So, we were concerned for the sanctity of the piece of mierda UBL’s body? Buried him at sea. I wondered at that then a friend said well better that than creating some location that becomes a shrine for the bastard….course then my friend suggested placing the body at Ground Zero, beneath the sewer system. Crass to be sure, but not a bad idea. 

Valuable time is being wasted as our country transforms into second class status at the hands of these manipulative Leftists. 


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