Zipline Conservative

April 9, 2011

Police & Fire Fighters Are Dupes

Over the years, I have often wondered how given the values and social demise the Dem’s cause…how could cops and firemen align their selves with Dem’s and rabble rousing unions. Oh I get benefits etc. But, today the obvious nature of the union’s intent is concerning and there are the cops and fire fighters in the throngs with leftist agitators and spoiled public workers.

I was one, so save your venom. I have seen first hand the sense of entitlement. Gluttony with no sense of responsibility. Shame on the duped…for I think they do know and don’t care. Caution to the police working so carelessly with agitators that seek the destruction of our system…caution…you are armed. You will have a choice to make some day in a collapse. Caught up in the chaos and dealing, you may not see the causes only the chaos and criminality. Remember the law-abiding citizen…the armed citizen. Don’t let anyone turn you against the law-abiding, armed citizen.


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