Zipline Conservative

March 24, 2011

How About: No Bachmann or Palin

How About:

How about that “Kinetic Military Action”? Military says no end game known. Turning over command & control is wrong, but being there as we are was pointless.

How about those SEIU thugs? Collapse the system? Really? Stephen Lerner please come out of your hole and speak more openly about your slithery thoughts. Poisonous Snake in the Grass’!

How about those oil prices? The world produces 83 million barrels a day; the world consumes 83 million barrels a day. Let’s create even more instability in the region. $4.00 a gallon coming. Drill you bastards! Produce non-subsidized, cost effective alternatives…for real.

How about those ineffective Republicans? Not sure who will foment a collapse. But, the Republicans are as worthy as anyone for helping cause it. Ineffective, gutless, no better than the gluttonous Demwits. Truly, they all have brought about the pending collapse. Rat bastard cowards!

How about that World Lights Out feel good drivel? Typical feel good BS….where’s the beef?

Palin & Bachmann (Gingrich for that matter): Speak your piece but stop sounding so shrill and breathless. Don’t run. You don’t have a chance in hell, so don’t waste our time. The Republicans are doing that now…so are you.


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