Zipline Conservative

February 17, 2011

Zipline Conservative’s Take…..

In the scheme of the same, filtered news it is disheartening to watch our Federal Gov dragging their collective feet. Frustration mounts with both parties.

The debt. Entitlements. Roll up your sleeves and do it. Raise the retirement age (I haven’t retired yet). Make the entitlements cuts. Do the hard things. Some how, some one pop that damn bubble these preening, coiffed Wigs exist in.

Mexico and the Cartels. How much are we aiding Mexico? Financially, I mean. We are dedicating funds but they are not arriving. The Mex Gov is finally standing up to them and paying a very heavy price, that law enforcement here has never paid. Funnel the types of money in there, that are needed, to beef up their military/police. This narco-terrorism ala Colombia. Now with the death of an ICE officer yesterday, it is a sliver of doom that will give a glimpse of what looms along the border of our nation. If it spills over, if the Cartels coalesce to take on us after they have finished with the Mexican law enforcement/military, what will we do?

Unemployment/underemployed/no growth/business energy withering: seriously, stop with the green BS already. Obviously, someone has money in the game for Boy Wonder to only be promoting green this and that. Gas prices mounting. Alternative energy options BS. Corn prices/ethanol costs going up. Food shortages elsewhere.

Wisconsin public employee protesters. STFU! Do something about your selfish, smothering consumption, you irresponsible sops. Shame on the organizing dweebs that show how irresponsible these unions are.


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