Zipline Conservative

January 25, 2011

Rebublicans Outflanked?

I have remarked before on the pathetically fickle nature of the ‘Independent’ voter. They seem, along I guess with many in either party, to be easily maneuvered by symbolism and well presented speeches. Some would say this encompasses slightly over 25% of the populace.

Now the Republicans seem incapable of multi-tasking. Like a surgeon focusing in on a tumor’s removal, there is little room for any other docs at the table. In the meantime the Democides are busy. Ignoring the cancer, they are offering, like a naturopath-nutritionist, to cure the whole body with more of this and that. Poor analogy, I know, but those Independents like that touchy feely stuff. They need to believe in feelings, hope, change. They blow this way and that like some whirly bird gizmo in the back yard on a windy Summer’s day.(oops, bad again)

Can we perform more than one procedure at a time? Is there a meaningful front face to get the message out clearly and crisply (Cantor?) ? The Republicans talk too damn much and are no better than Dem’s at wearing out talking points. So far NOT IMPRESSED!

Food, Gas, Insurance, Unemployment, Home Values & Sales, National Debt, Prolonged Recessions…Wake Up. Any slight bump via the extension of the GWB Tax Cut extension is not a recovery. Stop the damn slide into the abyss with our safety, liberty and self worth.


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