Zipline Conservative

January 24, 2011

Narco Trafficantes Mierda ~ Borderline Beat

Excelente presentación de informes sobre las organizaciones de narcotraficantes mexicanos



Jesus Malverde, Sinaloan Patron Saint

I recall 23 years ago chasing Sinaloans in Portland, Oregon. Once the door came off the hinges, one would often find a picture of Jesus Malverde or a small statuette. I have a small picture somewhere of Jesus, I relieved off some Culiacan Cowboy. All these years later, the Cartels still compete. It is only a matter of time until the now and then homicide here gives way to mass executions. It was considered bad form to kill here years ago. You paid back at the rancho, not here because a homicide investigation provided not just the details of the murder, but familial links….gold for me when I worked with a MDTO Task Force…putting the links together…looking back down the pipeline.


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