Zipline Conservative

December 10, 2010

Nothing Grows ’til Obamacrats Go!

That’s all. Nothing more to say. Their thuggish, uncivilized ways show. I, personally, know several small business owners…restaurant owners. They have been cutting back for months in anticipation of the Demwit’s doing just what they are doing. The small business owners have sold off properties, cars, investment plans and are in the process of shutting down several of their restaurants. Yes, they are the wealthy. Oh my. How I resent them their years of hard work and good life now. How dare they traipse off to Palm Springs. Well, no worries now. Typical Democide policies are steering them right where the class envy leads to…mediocrity for all. Lost jobs; No new job creation; Hunkering down and hating the hell out of the smothering Democrats.



  1. I’m rich! I invested in a restaurant two years ago,it’s across from a college so it’s still in business(at least) and employs about 20 or so people.
    My take from the biz so far has been $800.
    That’s for two years.
    Tell me again why I should invest in new business’?
    2013 can’t get here fast enough,one term and out.

    Comment by firefirefire — December 16, 2010 @ 7:22 AM | Reply

  2. It fucking sucks watching a so quickly getting washed down the toilet. Yet all these wall street pigs made their fucking million dollar bonus’ and thank God Obama was able to take vacation in Hawaii again on our dollars….pig

    Comment by Lowly employee — December 23, 2010 @ 9:33 PM | Reply

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