Zipline Conservative

December 10, 2010

Glenn Beck’s Exploding Box Concept

Been watching Beck for sometime. I like most of what he goes on about. Personal responsibility and family are worthy goals in life. Lately, his seemingly unchallenged org charts of Leftist Links has been most fascinating. How is Beck challenged and crushed for his linkages? Name calling and pressure on sponsors, which tells me he is having an impact and is spot on.

Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. Purposeful over load and chaotic infusion into our system for what purpose? To destroy it and reconstruct it to their purpose. Study the concept and understand it from outside the box (where Beck recommends you be by now) and how multi faceted the game is now. Don’t just look at one side or the media focus.

The Soros connection should raise alarm bells for anyone involved. You want some Leftist dream of mediocre equality and social justice? And, yet you ignore the elite ruling class funding the demise of capitalism. Why doesn’t that elite element give pause? Yet they exist in all economic systems don’t they.


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