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December 5, 2010

Chris Matthews (Leftist Puta)

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Just came upon a gaggy TV ad for MSNBC…the voice over by the unabashed Leftist…Chris Matthews. Reminding the viewer that our country has been through hard times before: slavery, the depression, McCarthyism. Back to McCarthyism hey? The ol’ dull dagger of the 60’s and 70’s. Play to the race card, the evil Right wing and the depression..been there before, we’ll survive that.

I guess this is MSNBC anyway and why they are in the toilet. The ad ran over on a commercial laden Sci Fi type channel. Slavery, racism, segregations seems to have been overwhelmingly a Democrat issue…right? Senator Byrd seemed to be a prime example of that. Was Byrd buried with his Klan keepsakes?

McCarthyism, blacklisting? Hmm. This a tough one. The means to the end maybe were the problem? Mistakes in targeting and smearing? Much like the Left does today (Beck, Palin).  But, were they wrong? Nope. There were Communists in the film industry (as today). Communists in the White House (as today). Communists attempting to subvert the country’s institutions and bring it down…as today!

Yes, we will survive and hold the great debate that Chris Matthews calls for. Let’s see Matthews  hold honest, balanced discussions re the philosophies of the Left and their intended direction. If not, Matthews, as I more than suspect, is nothing but a puta for the far Left.


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