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December 4, 2010

IT’S ALL RIGGED!!! Michael Bennett On The Senate Floor

Michael Bennett slips up and speaks his mind near a hot mic…his words are captured on CSpan before the mic can be turned off…….ooops!

No one is overly incensed or even lightly incensed? Our Republic is in danger. We are allowing our freedom, our process to be high jacked by the Democrats toward what end? Executive Orders? Pelosi’s (et al)psychotic agenda? The process is ‘rigged’? Business as usual? ‘Oh that is just politics as usual?’ I think not. We are being pushed toward an agenda much grander than any one issue Bennett was frustrated over. Speak up Mr. Bennett and other Democrats if you want you party to exist any longer…exist as a responsible part of a republic.Of course, the prop arm, the HuffPo, sees nothing amiss here…’nothing to see here…move along folks.”

Talking about the lame duck session regarding earmarks…he wasn’t aware that his mic was on HOT…

Here’s the link……

Vodpod videos no longer available.

IT’S ALL RIGGED!!! Michael Bennett Caught On Ho…, posted with vodpod

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