Zipline Conservative

October 27, 2010

Vote Fraud Begs Revolt

I am, as you probably are, sick of the election cycle. It never really ended as Obama spends more time campaigning than solving anything. The constant race baiting, class envy, class warfare, out and out lies were enough and helped fuel the revolt of the silent majority…turning them into “the loud ones”.

But, if what Michelle Malkin writes is true about voter fraud and this election is stolen across the country then a come to Jesus moment (and, I don’t mean Jesus Malverde…patron saint of Culiacan, Sinaloan drug traffickers ) is upon this country.

“Silence dissent. Criminalize watchdogs. Whitewash fraud. Discourage grassroots engagement. Deny, deny, deny. These are the signature tactics of the left in the age of Obama. On November 2, Americans get their chance to say: Enough.” (more by Ms. Malkin)


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