Zipline Conservative

October 8, 2010

Obama’s Hand to Hand Remarks

Obama misses the point. If Republicans recapture the seats and some degree of sway, it will NOT, nor should it be, like 8 years of Bush. He knows full well that the Tea Party force is not attempting to resurrect Bush/McConnell/Steele/RINO business as usual. He knows what is coming….we want  his, Obama’s and the Progressive’s power brought to a screeching halt. Obama was simply energizing his base to the struggle ahead to maintain their nanny statism.

And, hand to hand is just fine. Because the Dems and Progressives are about to get their collective asses handed to them. And, as Progressives do when out of p0wer, they will rant, scheme and who knows resort to their old ways (bombs, arson, violent protests)? Hand to hand is just fine Barack. Put ’em up!


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