Zipline Conservative

October 8, 2010

Obama Admin and Jobs Loss

Small snippet:  I have jobs available. I advertise. This week, a dozen apps came in and only one showed up a few days later for orientation. Followup contacts of  “why did you not show for orientation?” Honest answer from four of the no shows, was they had no intention of showing. They were just going thru drill for Unemployment Benefits by filling out apps. I could have hired all at $10.00 an hour x 40 hours + mostly indoors + non-physical positions. Not great for sure, but none of the applicants work history suggested they had been making much, if any, more. Too easy to sit there for up to 99 weeks. News says workers are giving up. Perhaps, yes, in some areas. Not in my area. But, I cannot seem to hire them. So, unemployment is high in Oregon. Wonder why?


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