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October 7, 2010

Mexican Cartels Must Be Stopped

The Mexican Cartels are challenging for control of the power of Mexico. This is not cartel v. cartel for control of ‘la plaza’s’ along the border. This is for control of the country and smacks of the Colombian Cartels exercise of power with radicals in the 70’s. This is a direct and obvious threat to our sovereignty. As I understand some news releases, 11 Mexican mayors have been executed in recent times. Imagine the decline in civility and order in this country if 11 mayors were executed. Now approaching 30,000 drug war murders, this is as clear a barometer of a crisis spilling our way…already to us given the recent murders of US citizens.

The Obama Admin does not want to alienate the Latino vote. They do not want to take a stand in some definitive direction re illicit drug use>>>>>..street gangs>>>>>>>cartel distribution org’s here and the cartels . This must be handled. This warrants a stop to the flood of ALL illegal immigration! Freedom Works Border Info



  1. You need to check your facts. The Obama administration has done more to clean up corruption among border agents, and done more to attack Mexican cartels in the US than Bush did in 8 years as President.
    Granted more needs to be done but dont let partisan politics blind you a lot is being done.

    Comment by Fact Check — October 7, 2010 @ 3:56 PM | Reply

    • Fact Check..odd name for pushing Obama prop. Not partisan here. Bush did nothing for the same reasons Obama is doing nothing…courting the latino vote…both wrong…the border is deteriorating…..seriously, process worse since Obama took office and Napolitano is blowing smoke. Ask any BP Agent about what is going on or any Sheriff at the border. Reality is we are not doing near enough and we should stop worrying about illegals and their amnesty and flat fixing the border. I don’t care about agriculture or manufacturing if any of that violence spills over. The border authorities are out gunned and out manned. That alone ought to triple the military presence at the border….

      Obama Progaganda at Center for American Progress (Soros):

      More Prop for Colorlines:

      Doesn’t matter how many more billions spent….Obama is quite good at spending more billions….it has not transferred into a governed border. Close the border and stop the catering to a voting bloc or economic interest. I frankly am less concerned about latinos coming across to work (I have close relationships with several hard working couples). I am concerned at all points with the ability of some middle eastern terrorists being escorted across by a cartel escort. It appears to be happening because our law enforcement, as you say do apprehend such people….


      Comment by SwittersB — October 7, 2010 @ 7:18 PM | Reply

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