Zipline Conservative

September 10, 2010

Petulant Obama Says Election Is About Hope

Petulant Spoiled Brat

Shit Martha, just hand me a club. The club labeled ‘Hope’….HOPE their collective sorry asses are booted to hell and gone by the knowing and the intuitive. To Hope for anything less is short of the righteous defeat these corrupt, arrogant, power hungry bastards deserve. No principled civil discourse with this manipulative, liberty smothering thugs. Smash them and any Progressive Republican as well. Independent’s rise up and grow a set.

Nice to see the lesser evil Hillary making her move with a little common sense re national debt and the security threat it presents. The moderate, common sense voice that fancy pants can’t even fake. Good for her.

Examples of PETULANT

  1. His tone was petulant and angry.
  2. <a petulant and fussy man who is always blaming everyone else for his problems>
  3. Hmmmmmmm?

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