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September 10, 2010

Obama Dis’s Armenians Again (Remember this History)


Obama, the artful dodger, yet again ignored principles of common decency and history to court the Turks support in UN Security Counsel in order to pass new, more stringent sanctions against Iran. The Pious Poser of Decency, so want to criticize the U.S., cannot bring himself to correctly categorize the Genocide that took an estimated 1.5 million Armenians on the heels of WWI. This event of weakness by Obama is ancient history to the American mind, having happened this past April. But, to Armenians it is still fresh in their collective psyche. These signs of hypocrisy by Obama must be resurrected to refresh our minds that wonder boy may be a poser, may be inept at implementation (I don’t subscribe to this), but more importantly he is morally corrupt….power, and the planning to acquire and hold power has poisoned this over-formulated closet Marxist. Not even up to the Soft Revolution. (April Story: Politico)


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  1. Obama has failed to honor his campaign promise of properly recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Armenians from all over the world should inundate the White House Comment Line with phone calls to inform Obama that his statements on the Armenian Genocide in Ankara did not go far enough and do not fulfill his solemn promises on this important issue. Please call (202) 456-1111 and leave a message. Unless the White House hears immediately from a large number of Armenians, Obama and his aides might think that Armenians are satisfied with the remarks he made in Ankara. Obama should understand that the significance of keeping his word on the Armenian Genocide goes beyond this issue and has a direct bearing on his overall credibility. Within hours of the president’s remarks in Ankara, the website questioned his integrity, having concluded that he had broken his promise on the Armenian Genocide—one of the 511 campaign promises that the website keeps track of, to verify his trustworthiness.

    Comment by Ed Spaulding — September 15, 2010 @ 3:19 AM | Reply

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