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September 10, 2010

Obama: Admits Recovery Painfully Slow?

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As if by design? And, more blame game. This is the strategy for winning the independent’s short term memory mind? I am sure ObamaClan is looking for the October Surprise scandal or let’s watch wonder boy become Commander in Chief in a crisis. Pathetic, pathetic.They are empty for real. Even Hillary was right, poser, Junior Senator. She just didn’t have tenates to tell us who was propping up WonderBoy.

Obama et al…you have your base in step, as always. Scary to consider 40% of the country are so damn blind. Tough talk Obama will not win over the Independents now. Too late.

Republicans: Yet to mount a comeback to the Blame Bush/8 more years BS. Go ahead..turn on Bush. Blame those that went along and blame the Dem’s re housing debacle and THEN offer solutions. Extending tax cuts great. What else? Turning back health care legislation? Well maybe you can but what is your alternative..for real…to deal with the problem…it is not working  just fine.

Solutions Republicans…get your voice and pound it home and deliver for once. Who is your voice. Forget Palin. Who?


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