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September 7, 2010

Obama’s Remarks Show Lack of Character

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Obama’s remarks that he has been treated like a dog by powerful interests makes one wonder if Soros, SEIU or die hard Progressives have turned upon their puppet? Oh, he meant right wing powerful interests. Oh…  Such a hypocrite. A puppet to powerful interests and he has the audacity to stand there and whine. Seriously, not a leader at all. Like an aging, leading man, his role is ending.

As Obama stands up there with his quaint, folksy clipped remarks off script, he annoys the hell out of me. Much like Bush did, when he attempted folksy. Neither Presidential.

Two observations: $50 billion jobs bill. Another $50 billion when we haven’t come close to spending the original billions and with little to show for what has been already spent. Oh, I know it is a budgetary issue, an accounting issue. Such is baseline budgeting.

Secondly, has the Republicans response been reduced by the media to ‘we can’t have more spending’. Is that all they said? That is all I have heard all morning. Did they say more spending is critically wrong, but this is what we need to do to create jobs? As frustrating as the Poser is, the Republicans are equally empty in my estimation. They seem powerless to offer meaningful, non-sound bite alternatives AND to circumvent the media shield.

Reality you say? The whiner is back on his heels. Put him and the rest of them down with meaningful, powerful messages. Figure out how to use the medium and get away from the same old message. Positive leadership please.


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