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September 5, 2010

Educational & Media Blackout for Bright Student

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I just returned home from a pleasant evening with friends. A combination of young adults and parents, mostly educators and professionals + students. All Liberal at the very least, save myself.

I had occasion to talk to one exceptionally gifted, decent young man. He is destined to serve mankind in some capacity. I have no doubt he will be an honorable citizen. We sat alone in a splendid garden and talked about society and the discussion evolved into a discussion that revealed several things to me about his perception of the world. This is not a naive young man. He has traveled. He is Jewish. In advanced studies in the field of psychology. He is articulate and sensitive to holding a discussion in a civil back and forth manner.

What came forth was his disappointment in Obama not fulfilling his promises to change the process and to actually help the downtrodden. Obama and the government need to do more to solve problems. He wished the business community could problem solve, but held little faith in their ability to organize to solve problems.

The young man believed that although citizen/community energy might be there to solve problems, there did not appear to be a leadership ability to solve problems that government seems to possess. The young man totally believes that government is the salvation and despite citizen discontent, there does not seem to be a central figure that can marshall the energy to do anything outside government.

I asked the young man if he knew anything of Obama’s upbringing; his mentors, his associations, his cabinet members. He knew absolutely nothing of any of the Obama history nor did he seem to care. The young man was unaware of the historical progression of Europe through a cycle of socialism to socialism’s failures.

The young man was particularly against the policies of Israel and felt Israel, from a religious and moral imperative ought to solve the Palestinian problem. He was unaware of any outside agitating forces toward Israel.

It was a sobering session and I kept my patience and openness to the end. It all came down to the following: even if the citizens (Tea Party) toppled the government’s pervasive power, how would any other entity solve the inequities of American society.

I offered up the intentions of Progressives and the likely consequences of power run amok. But, I did not have a good response to what Republicans would do to fix any of our problems. I do not believe there exist any cohesive response from Republicans to win over this young man. The masses are aligned to each side without really liking the team they support. Where is the articulate man or woman on the right to capture the minds as did Obama and back it up with understandable principles minus the manipulations?

It isn’t Palin, Newt or any other lesser moderates. Woe to the Right. The Party of No is empty. The agitated masses have no mechanism beyond rallies to foster change after the votes are cast.


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