Zipline Conservative

August 23, 2010

Random Thoughts re Obama Administration

Obama Admin…worksite enforcement of immigration laws is down 89%….  Obama doesn’t want to mess with illegals and views them as victims.

Biden spewing on the ‘new dawn’ in Iraq. Shouldn’t have gone in there. Every death a waste it appears. Nonsensical to see Biden as the voice for foreign policy….damn moron. Get the hell out. And, don’t be looking to get into Iran. Any comments from the Left re Afghanistan?

Mosque siting mess: Seriously the purpose of the siting is so obvious and the name says it all. Nothing more has to be said. Build it elsewhere. And, if they are recruiting terrorists or financing anything crush their sorry asses.

Blame Bush: pathetic lack of imagination of Left’s part. Sorry imagination and leadership from same old RINO’s too. Both parties pathetic, tired and corrupt.

828 Project: will be interesting to watch the propaganda spin by the Left. Will the reporting be honest and factual? I doubt it. Bring the people…bring the intense message…keep it peaceful, but pointed to both corrupt parties. Regardless, what to do to transform this corrupt governmental system? It must stop!


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