Zipline Conservative

August 17, 2010

Victory Mosque? Wake Up Progressives

As the Progressive Left (Yes, there is a Progressive Right), speaks for religious freedom and uses their secular standards to lobby for Muslim tolerance, there is a blind eye toward the REASON the mosque is being sited near ground zero.

It is a ‘victory’ mosque for Mohammed’s sake. Think about that. Think where else the victory mosques have been situated around the world…atop locations meaningful to the perceived enemies of Islam.

They have the right to exist as a religion. But, they should not build near ground zero. Relocate and then keep your Sharia Law in house and non-violent. Obama, you putz, once again, your leftist tolerance misses the mark. Of course, Leftist were apologists for Stalin too.

American Islamic Forum for Democracy (proving the Icon Is Not Always re Intolerance)


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