Zipline Conservative

August 12, 2010

East Point Hand Outs: Subsidized Housing Chaos

An estimated 30,000 individuals showed up to sign forms for Section 8, subsidized housing in East Point, Georgia. Run in typical government fashion and with the ‘needy’ clamoring for their rightful handouts, the event was described as chaotic, riotous, angry and of course frustrated. It seems a Diana Ross concert in Central Park drawing half a mil would be better organized and orderly. Medical emergencies and heat exacerbated the wait list event. Creating a dependent class, then empowering them as constantly the aggrieved and downtrodden will only create more of this sad mindset. Overwhelmingly black and poor from not just Georgia but the SE states. Poorly organized and an indication of how disorganized they would be on an even larger scale.

I wonder how many truly needy (not dependent) there are. When you see the professional beggar near the free way exit, don’t you wonder if any of them are truly needy? Some are, most aren’t. Unfortunately, I turn a blind eye to all. The class warfare and Leftist agenda to create an ever larger entitled citizenry dependent upon the nanny tit is going to push us further to this type of chaos, which of course, can only be controlled with force that the utopia zealots always ignore.


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