Zipline Conservative

July 30, 2010

Chelsey Coverage…Gag

Happy for the young woman..well, I’m not happy, but not unhappy. But, the media coverage is shall I say…whorish. When the Bush girl had a wedding that dad forked out 100K for it was criticized as too expensive and offensive.

Daddy Clinton is forking out $2+ million bucks and nary a peep. Just a disgusting love fest. There is no more evidence than this of the disgusting adoration the media displays toward their own.

Of course, that is ok, cuz it is his money (kind of..excluding security coverage). So, his business. Just don’t subject us to a Princess Diana nauseating love fest. Puke..oh and to say the extreme cost is security related is a lie. $200k for security (we pay for) and $500K for flowers?

Piece of mierda Soros involved too speaks volumes. No out cry from the anti rich Left re that? Mierda all.


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